Thursday, January 16, 2014

Written In The Pages Of My Life...

I have a friend that I have known since we were teenagers that writes about writing, I mean he has books on the subject.  One of the things he tells people is that you can only improve your writing if you actually write.  So I started this blog 3 years ago with the idea that I would write about books and whatever else came to my mind!  But I wanted to join a particular blog ring so you go from one to the next and so on on the subject of one's fabric stash.  However, to join, one had to not talk about a list of items which for me meant I had to stop doing book reviews since they were not about quilting.  A couple of weeks ago I realized how much that has blocked me from being able to write my thoughts.

I am a religious person, it permeates every part of me, and to not be able to write about that kind of leaves my blog a bit empty.  I am not a political person, but I have thoughts on political topics, or atleast on topics polarizing the nation.  I am embarking on the journey of home-schooling, which is a whole barrel of fish in thoughts on both education and parenting.  So in an effort to be more intentional, I thought I would bring back the posts I moved off my blog, which are mostly book reviews.  For those who follow via a blog reader I am not quite sure how those will show up on your feed, but it might be all at once, so be patient with me.  You will also start to see new reviews added for all kinds of books, some on parenting, there will be some on quilting, some will be fiction and non-fiction.  The one I am working on right now is an audiobook which should be up later today.

Rainbow Trip Around the World
I know some might be turned off by content other than quilting, but in the end it's my blog.  I had a totally selfish purpose in forming it.  I don't make my living from it, I have no sponsors, but I have enjoyed my interactions with all of you my dear readers so my hope is that you will take these bits of me along with the quilting!  In Quilting news, I finally settled on a fabric for binding my Rainbow Trip Around the world quilt!  I am hoping to get the hand-sewn bit completed while I watch cooking shows with my husband tonight.  So look for a picture tomorrow, I will share the backing this time, even if the whole thing is not completed.

Thanks for sticking with me this far in my post today!
*\0/* Cheers

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  1. there are no "rules" about your blog (well .. offensive language might loose you readers!!) its your to do with as you want .. so go for it xx

  2. Follow your heart and you will be rewarded 10 fold! :)

  3. I have often struggled with this very thing. But in the end, I didn't start my blog 7 years ago (!) to be one type of blog, so why convert it now? My blog is about our family and our family certainly isn't one sided! I want to be more purposeful in my blogging this year. Not focusing on just one thing, but the many things that make me ME: cooking, sewing, quilting, reading, being a wife/mother, homeschooling (yay for you!!), my quest to lose weight, my love for Jesus Christ, catering with my husband, ect.

    Make your blog what you want it to be and those of us who want to know about YOU, will come back. And truly, those are the types of readers we want.


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