Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whatcha Doing?

I am trying to get projects finished each quarter as part of a competition as well as to keep me going, but I am going to stop feeling so neurotic about it...maybe.  I will post my Mater list at the beginning of a quarter, the mid-way point, and at the end of one quarter, then put up a new list for the following quarter.  You see, I have hidden WIP projects that I don't know what they are, I just know they are there!  So I plan to sneak them onto my list every quarter, lol.

So instead of posting my massive list each week of unfinished (thorns in my flesh) projects, I am going to highlight a project that I have either just started or the one I am focusing on for the week.  In my mind I work from Wednesday to Wednesday with the hope of having the project completed the following Friday.

For this week I want to share my scattered Triangles project which I got the idea HERE and then saw another like it HERE.  I used 6" Charm squares of Sommersalt and a basic white on white Print I bought at Joann Fabric's on a scary Black Friday once.  You will probably see the swirling design once I get this baby into better light!

What's left to do:
I need to re-cut the end-cap triangles (they got misplaced), finish rearranging sections, sew everything together, add a border (possibly), backing to be assembled, quilt, add binding, and then enjoy!

I also also working on the quilts from HERE!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My google search page decor for my birthday!'s my birthday, and I am excited about that, but I am more excited about something else!

I did something...and I am proud of myself.

I am a quilter full of insecurities like most others, but lately that is all I have felt towards quilting.  All I have been thinking of is how I just don't measure up and it has drowned out my creative voice because I have let it.  Every negative comment or message has poured over me like Lava, scalding me so deeply. Well...because I have let it.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought of that quote while I laid in my bed unsleeping last night.  I do have good things going for me and I am determined to let those things speak louder to me from this point onward.  How do you handle your insecurities?

On Teb, On...(From Galaxy Quest)

So on to other news..I was featured on the Selvage Blog yesterday for my Asterisk quilt!  (POST)

I started to do a bit of quilting on my limbo projects!
I practiced on the spring checkerboard!

I am so excited about the stone work, which I have been scared to do!

This quilt got the random Squares treatment
Just about every fabric was auditioned for the binding, but I finally realized that the one I really want to use is the Pink polka-dot used on both projects, so I will need 2 yard for binding (also for a few bibs I need the fabric for ties) and so these will be put to the side until I can put in an order over at Connecting threads.  They have such low prices that I wait to save my allowance to use when I have enough to order that will give me free shipping!

I am so excited to move onto my Squares and 4-patch quilt which I have decided to go with the yellow thread my husband suggested and yellow binding that was suggest by Needlemom!  I think I can get both from connecting threads as well!!

And last, but not least, I won the Travel Stash box #3 giveaway!  Have you seen these around the web?  I will be posting the giveaway a day or two after I get the box!  You can read more about it HERE.

Thank you all for visiting today!  I will be back soon with hopefully something finished!  Until then I shall be celebrating my Birthday with something yummy I hope!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Really Random Thursday

As I have mentioned we have been sick the last couple weeks or so.  Mostly I think its due to allergies on both our parts--Spring is not something I really forward to here because it starts mid-February and I seem to be allergic to everything here in Texas!  But on a happier note I have been snapping some great pictures of Little Miss Z!  

So here are "the Many feelings of Little Miss Z" collection!

Contentment:  I am sitting with my friends watching Elmo's World, "This is Better than a Nap!"
Happy: Mommy gave me a chocolate chip cookie, "I wonder how many more of these she has?"
Fear:  First time on a baby slide, "Am I still alive?"
Contemplation:  "Do I ever have to do that again Mommy?"
Sadness:  Daddy has to work late "Where Daddy?"

Excitement:  Mommy has Cheese for me! "Yes!!  You heard my tummy speak!"
Curiosity:  I don't like this spot after all.  "Mommy HELP!"
On that Last picture, she scared me to death!  I sat her down in the chair to have some Cheerios and milk (in the bottle), which she does almost every morning and this day she got a little curious!  The funny part is that I was a couple feet away folding laundry; I didn't even hear her move until she screamed!  She gets buckled in to her baby chair from that moment onward.  The other funny thing she likes to do is shut her bedroom door and scream from the other side because she can't get out!  I have even pulled her toy box, which is heavier than she is, over in front of the door, but she just pushes it out of the way...

Meanwhile on the living room floor once she is asleep...
Let there be batting!
I told you that I found some batting, well it turned out that it was for a King-sized bed.  I honestly cannot remember when I bought this little roll of batting, but I was happier than Miss Z with some cheese I will tell you, when I found it in my storage closet in a box I was sorting!  I can pretty much only give 2 inches on each side of the tops to be able to use this batting for all four tops.  I haven't really gone beyond matching the tops with some batting; I still need to press the tops and the backings that I have prepared.  The Time Warp Quilt (Upper Right) doesn't yet have its backing assembled and ironically, its the only one of the four that I have the binding figured out!  I just cannot make up my mind for the binding on the other three or what colored thread to use to FMQ Stitch these pieces. 

So far my husband has suggested yellow for the Red Eye Quilt (lower right) and I am leaning towards White thread for Time Warp and Black thread for 4-patches & Squares (lower left) and I have no idea for Zig Zag (upper Left).  What do you think?  Opinions are welcomed!  Well, I don't expect to have anything completed to share with you tomorrow, but my goal is to get these completed by the end of the month along with that Wonky Christmas Advent Calendar that has been on my list for 100 years (sure feels like it)!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

UFO/WIP 12: Unpublished

For those who saw my post that got "published" on accident, I am not that far along!  Each week at the beginning of the week I make a post of how I want the following Sunday to look.  It is an incentive and motivator for me, but mainly its to bring focus to my crafting time.  This week however I still have a cold I cannot shake, so my list looks very much like where I was on Wednesday.  I am really hoping though that next weeks list will will have at least one more finish on it for the first Quarter!

And I did start a new project a little over a week was supposed to just be a quick little baby quilt, but perhaps I need to quit telling myself that!  I will try to upload a picture Monday or Tuesday!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO/WIP: It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

After seeing the fabrics I picked for this month's personal challenge is it any wonder I am focusing on Christmas this month?  This is also my last chance to get completed projects for the first quarter of the 2013 Finish Along so I am in earnest about get these two projects completed.  I am already going to be honest and tell you that I have found a few more UFO/WIP projects in my search for crafting supplies!  Well, my Husband told me they existed but I do not want to to even look at them until I have done all that I can on my current list.

Christmas Advent Calendar: 
Christmas Advent calendar
While cleaning up and arranging my crafting area, I found some thread that if it does not match, it is pretty close!  This wonky Advent Calendar will have itself finished before long!!  Look for it on a Friday Finish coming soon!

 Easy Street Mystery Quilt (Christmas lap Quilt):

I have been using the other half of this quilt as my Leaders & Enders project in between and around other projects (See Quiltville blog), but it is time to step things up!  All of the 4-patch blocks & Flying Geese are assembled for this quilt, now I need to figure out what to do next.  I will have an updated picture next Wednesday; you may get on me if I do not!

* Shanna
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BOM's AWAY: Quite the Update

So I received both my Second & Third Block by email at the appropriate times, but because of unforeseen circumstances they have not been completed in a time.  But now, boy am I excited because for all those who post all 3 finished blocks to the Sugar Block Club Flickr group and make a comment on a particular post (HERE) by March 15th, will be put into a drawing for a $75 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate!!!  Although I am running behind a bit on everything including all of my BOM's, I spent a little bit of time this past weekend working on my blocks.  This week I am going to share these blocks and then next week I will share my Legacy Sampler BOM (2 new blocks to share there).

January's Block

February's Block

March's block
Amy is sharing the directions with everybody for March's block HERE if you are interested.

I wish I had good news that I had completed a whole round of projects while I have been quiet, but alas I have only caught up on TV watching while Baby girl and I have been sick snuggling and "reading" her books together.  I read the real words and then she pretends to read and makes sounds and does little voices to copy me, it really is darling!  The good news though that I do have to share with you is that I found some batting while I was cleaning!!!  So now I just need to to determine which quilt I am going to complete, what do you think?  To see my in process list go HERE and be sure to drop a comment with your choice.

* Shanna

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Pack: Holiday Happenings

Greetings!  Its time for me to put together another "Project Pack" to have on hand for when I need to start something new.  Another bonus is that I have plans to use this month's Scrap Fabric Challenge fabric to complete this project by the end of the month as well!


I collect Quilting/Sewing/Crafting Magazines as I might have mention a few times before (GRIN).  The particular pattern Chosen is from the Quilts and More Fall 2011 issue.  The very runner we are cutting pieces for today I have made before, which you can read about HERE.
The Pattern:

 One of the things I am especially pleased about is the color option they share uses the very same line in the Autumn Colorway, I have chosen though to go with the traditional Christmas Hues in the Red, Green & Cream Variety   I am going to go with a scrappy method to not only fulfill my Scrap Challenge but also to use up some more fabric.  In the past I have been a little particular about everything being the same, using the same blocks, but it is one of those things one must learn to let go of if they are going scrappy!  Do you have this issue of Quilts and More?  Want to make it with me?  I will be sharing my processes as I go along, you are welcomed to join me if you wish.  Anywho, I am off to chop up some other fabrics before I Start both runners.  I am going to work on two runners at the same time.
Several Scrappy Lines from Kansas Troubles

* Shanna

Are you thinking of going scrappy or use from your stash this year?  If you have time, link up your posts each month with your own personal challenges.  Check out March's post:  HERE.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

UFO/WIP10: Marching On...

So we are two months down, with one month to go in the 2013 Finish-A-long.  I am doing another full update so this post shall be picture heavy, so please excuse the length, or well at least it shall be much longer than my usual long posts!  I AM making headway and I WILL get these projects completed eventually, even if it is not this Quarter.  I guess the biggest unknown is going to be what other unfinished projects will I find when we are able to unpack more of the boxes from our move last May??!!  I am dreading that as my list will look impossible then.  Sorry for using some old shots, I am hoping to take some new photos in a couple of weeks when things are less scattered.

Still In Process:

(Wonky) Christmas Advent Calendar:  I HAVE FOUND MATCHING THREAD!!!!! 
Dot Explosion Quilt:  I need to finish assembling rows, now going to make this one be a toddler bed/Crib Quilt sized, I was thinking Twin before, but it just wouldn't work in my brain.  
Easy Street Mystery Quilt:  all the 4-patch blocks & Flying Geese are assembled (I am making half the blocks required for a smaller quilt ), I am currently using this as my Leaders & Enders project in between and around other projects (See Quiltville blog). (Need updated picture)

Fish Quilt:  Frustrating and hated pattern but I am trying to complete anyways. Very Low on List.

I'll Fly Away Quilt:  I plan to use this one as my Leader/Enders project after the Easy Street Quilt.
March's Scrap Challenge Projects:  1 Project kit ready to go with fabric cut

Martinique Strip Quilt:  Need to assemble more strips, some are sewn into two strip blocks
Party Dress:  Close to a finish! [Project was Ziona's Birthday Dress]
Poppy Wall Hanging:  No progress for a while
Rainbow Block Quilt:   I have made this my orphan rainbow block quilt

Rose Star Quilt:   I have figured out a new pattern for this quilt; currently in 4-patch and 2-patch segments.  I plan to order some cream/off-white and some marble rose (Image) fabrics
Summersault Patch Quilt:  Need to assemble more strips, some are sewn into two strip blocks

Limbo-landed Items:
Chain Quilt:  Top is complete, back & bindings in process [POST]

Red Eye Quilt:  Top & backing complete, bindings are in process [POST]
Squares & Patches Quilt:  Top & backing complete, bindings are in process [POST]
Time Warp Quilt:  Top is complete, back & bindings in process [POST]
Zig-Zag Quilt:  Top is complete, back & bindings in process [POST]

New Items not on First Quarter List:
Birthday Bibs:  Started, post to come soon, hopefully as a finish!
Cousin #2's Dress:  Need to gather & make button loops and finish
Modern Squares Table Runner:  Needs backing, sandwiching and stitching!
Scrappy Hearts 1 Wall Hanging:  All of the mini-hearts complete, assembly required.
Scrappy Hearts 2 Wall Hanging:  Fabric cut (upper right quadrant), need to make hearts
Spring Checkers mini-quilt:  Pinned, but set to the side until I make up mind about colour of thread.

Completed Items:
Four Squares Weekend Quilt:  Complete.  [POST]
Playdate Dress:  Complete.  [POST]
Two + Two Blouse:  Complete.  [POST]

Completed Items not on First Quarter List:
Coming Soon

By the way, thank you for your patience with me on repeating items I have been focusing/featuring as I have been sick and have not been up to my peak level of, well, anything to be honest.  I have been required to take a rest this next week and plan to takeoff time from any most crafting while I recover.  Plus my husband will be working on rearranging our bedroom/craft room for me!  I will post some pictures when it is complete to show you the changes we will make.

Tomorrow I will get you caught up on all the BOM blocks I was working on yesterday, so see you later!

* Shanna

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Zig Zag & Time Warp: Finishes 9

HST String Quilt:
Greetings!  I have finally finished the Quilt top from my HST String blocks; I am callign it my Zig Zag Quilt.  The backing fabric will be the same Yellow fabric as the center strip of the string blocks, but I am debating with myself on the binding fabric, so see below to give your opinion please!  Now I know these are not completely finished, but I am celebrating half way through or when I get the tops completed.

HST String Quilt Top

Which of these 3 fabrics do you think would go with the top and yellow backing?
 February Scrap Challenge:
These little challenges I have given myself are not turning out so badly I think.  I have used almost every scrap of fabric from my pile of 1933 reproduction prints I picked up in a couple Moda scrap bags a couple years ago.  There are just a couple strings left that I might use on the back in some way.  I am debating on the backing fabric as the only yardage I have that might even come close to fitting is a peach print with tiny peach bubbles on it.  Perhaps a border on the front would tie the fabrics with the scrappy bits?  If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have put a bit of the peach fabric in with the scraps!  Its too late now, I am not Seam ripping this project anymore!
Quilt top measures 46" X 48" as it is currently
This quilt is based off my Paper clip quilt [POST] and yet I want to call this one Time Warp because of the reproduction fabrics and because it reminds me of hoaky sci-fi graphics!  We certainly know how much I love Sci-fi, hoaky or not! What do you think of the peachy fabric snatched up from my stash?  Do you think the quilt top needs a border? There is only one more month left in the Quarter for me to finish my running UFO/WIP list which I will be updating this coming Sunday.

* Shanna

Are you thinking of going scrappy or use from your stash this year?  If you have time, link up your posts each month with your own personal challenges.  Check out March's post:  HERE.

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