Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Pack: Holiday Happenings

Greetings!  Its time for me to put together another "Project Pack" to have on hand for when I need to start something new.  Another bonus is that I have plans to use this month's Scrap Fabric Challenge fabric to complete this project by the end of the month as well!


I collect Quilting/Sewing/Crafting Magazines as I might have mention a few times before (GRIN).  The particular pattern Chosen is from the Quilts and More Fall 2011 issue.  The very runner we are cutting pieces for today I have made before, which you can read about HERE.
The Pattern:

 One of the things I am especially pleased about is the color option they share uses the very same line in the Autumn Colorway, I have chosen though to go with the traditional Christmas Hues in the Red, Green & Cream Variety   I am going to go with a scrappy method to not only fulfill my Scrap Challenge but also to use up some more fabric.  In the past I have been a little particular about everything being the same, using the same blocks, but it is one of those things one must learn to let go of if they are going scrappy!  Do you have this issue of Quilts and More?  Want to make it with me?  I will be sharing my processes as I go along, you are welcomed to join me if you wish.  Anywho, I am off to chop up some other fabrics before I Start both runners.  I am going to work on two runners at the same time.
Several Scrappy Lines from Kansas Troubles

* Shanna

Are you thinking of going scrappy or use from your stash this year?  If you have time, link up your posts each month with your own personal challenges.  Check out March's post:  HERE.

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