Sunday, March 17, 2013

UFO/WIP 12: Unpublished

For those who saw my post that got "published" on accident, I am not that far along!  Each week at the beginning of the week I make a post of how I want the following Sunday to look.  It is an incentive and motivator for me, but mainly its to bring focus to my crafting time.  This week however I still have a cold I cannot shake, so my list looks very much like where I was on Wednesday.  I am really hoping though that next weeks list will will have at least one more finish on it for the first Quarter!

And I did start a new project a little over a week was supposed to just be a quick little baby quilt, but perhaps I need to quit telling myself that!  I will try to upload a picture Monday or Tuesday!



  1. That sounds a good motivator. I hope you're feeling better soon :)

  2. Sorry I missed it as I would love to see what one dreams of accomplishing ;-) Maybe I should do that!!!


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