Friday, March 1, 2013

Zig Zag & Time Warp: Finishes 9

HST String Quilt:
Greetings!  I have finally finished the Quilt top from my HST String blocks; I am callign it my Zig Zag Quilt.  The backing fabric will be the same Yellow fabric as the center strip of the string blocks, but I am debating with myself on the binding fabric, so see below to give your opinion please!  Now I know these are not completely finished, but I am celebrating half way through or when I get the tops completed.

HST String Quilt Top

Which of these 3 fabrics do you think would go with the top and yellow backing?
 February Scrap Challenge:
These little challenges I have given myself are not turning out so badly I think.  I have used almost every scrap of fabric from my pile of 1933 reproduction prints I picked up in a couple Moda scrap bags a couple years ago.  There are just a couple strings left that I might use on the back in some way.  I am debating on the backing fabric as the only yardage I have that might even come close to fitting is a peach print with tiny peach bubbles on it.  Perhaps a border on the front would tie the fabrics with the scrappy bits?  If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have put a bit of the peach fabric in with the scraps!  Its too late now, I am not Seam ripping this project anymore!
Quilt top measures 46" X 48" as it is currently
This quilt is based off my Paper clip quilt [POST] and yet I want to call this one Time Warp because of the reproduction fabrics and because it reminds me of hoaky sci-fi graphics!  We certainly know how much I love Sci-fi, hoaky or not! What do you think of the peachy fabric snatched up from my stash?  Do you think the quilt top needs a border? There is only one more month left in the Quarter for me to finish my running UFO/WIP list which I will be updating this coming Sunday.

* Shanna

Are you thinking of going scrappy or use from your stash this year?  If you have time, link up your posts each month with your own personal challenges.  Check out March's post:  HERE.

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  1. I would use the middle fabric with the larger polka dots, I think it would add a nice amount of pop around the quilt.

  2. I'm dropping by from finish it up Friday over at crazy mom quilts.

    I'd suggest the brown with white pin dots for the binding fabric as you have some brown fabrics in the strings and it goes well with the yellow stripe that are in the strings and that you're using for the backing fabric.

  3. Your zig zag quilt is so cool. I like that design you came up with.
    Your string quilt is really nice too. I do not think it needs a border.

  4. Love the zig zag top, but the paper clip is awesome too. I'd go with the middle dots.

  5. I like the black and white polkadots for the top quilt, and I wouldn't put a border on the bottom one - it looks great the way it is! Whoop whoop!!!

  6. I'd use the polka dot fabric in the middle for binding, and leave your scrap quilt boarderless. the peach fabric you have for backing is very pretty

  7. I would go with the middle fabric for the binding. I love polka dots and think they would give some balance. Your top is just beautiful!

  8. It's funny, most people say the middle fabric for the binding. I prefer the other two, but probably the dark one. Both tops are great. I love using up scraps.

  9. Love scrappy and the strings that create a chevron!

  10. I suppose I am the odd one! I like the first fabric for binding. I think it would look awesome with the yellow backing as well as the front of the quilt! Any of them will look great though, it's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  11. I like your scrap challenge! Had been thinking along those lines :)

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