About Me

I was born at a very young age when I was also very little.  Many years later I married a wonderful man and we celebrated 12 years of marriage in April 2016.  We recently moved from Texas to Western New York.  This area is much more like Juneau, Alaska, the place where my husband grew up!

I started hand-sewing when I was a little girl to keep my brother from taking the clothes off my barbie doll. Machine sewing did not enter my life until I was about 14 when I sewed my first dress for my father's funeral and from there I moved on to costumes, children's clothes, and simple patch blankets. About six years ago my projects got more complicated and unique; about five years ago they got bigger in size (baby and lap quilts).   Most recently I have been focusing on learning new skills like embroidery, applique and loom knitting!

We have a lovely 4-year old little girl who prefers to be call  "Princess Ziona."

You can find me on Instagram HERE.