Friday, November 27, 2015

Instagram Swaps: The Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap

This Post was originally  prepared in November 2015, but was never posted live to the blog.

I am so excited to finally share about my mini for The Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap!  I had alot of fun with this pattern and making it my own creation.  This was one of those times where my husband begged me to keep a project and give something else instead, but I had made this one specifically for my partner and I wanted to send my best work, not something thrown together at the last minute.

 The hardest part was lining up the binding on the middle line and then also lining up the backing fabrics to match!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Instagram Swaps: The Finished Block Swap-November/December

I love this block which turned out more like a mini-quilt than anything else!  The inspiration was taken from Laundry Basket Quilts and uses a mixture of LBQ & Basic Grey fabrics.  Both designers I knew my partner was crazy about!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Case of The Forgotten Pattern Testing

I did a pattern-testing this last spring for Lila Lane Patterns.  I was expecting a big launch post after she had finalized the pattern, but the focus turned to some ready-made designs she was very busy producing.  Now that I have done some research, I am not certain she will be releasing this pattern for sale, but  I thought I would share the dress nevertheless.

They are truly lovely dresses, but I sincerely found this pattern too complex for me to wrap my brain around.  It might be because I think that really this design lends itself better to using laced fabrics instead of the cotton I chose.  Lilac lane itself has several ready-wear garments that are completely devine in comparison (Check HERE)

Since these pictures were taken, my daughter has really grown into the dress and it is full summer so its perfect sleeveless.  I am very glad that I took part in the testing, that I completed the dress, but in all honesty its not a pattern I would want to use again.  So many of her designs I have wanted to make over and over, I am sorry to say, this was not one of those.  I hope this review will be taken in the manner that it meant, meaning I am giving my honest opinion.  I like the designer quite a bit, but I feel that all my reviews should be an honest reflection of how I really think of a pattern should it be chosen to be release for sale.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

From Here To There

My break from blogging has been longer than I expected.  I've had a problem getting my pictures to upload to my computer to share on blogging rather than Instagram.  Well, I am here now,but I will share with you from the last month.

It started with getting the keys to our new place.  We had a bite to eat without any furniture or plates (we used paper as plates).

Then a couple days later came Moving Day and it looked like this:

I have worked on a variety of Projects, some I am still working on! I plan to start updating each day this week (and each day thereafter) until I am caught up!

I thank you my precious Internet friends who have contacted me while I was away, partially active on Instagram!  I am back and I am full of inspiration of all that I have been absorbing on the Internet!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moving Days!

Today is Moving Day!

I am going continue to take some time off of blogging as we unpack and get our new home in order.  I will be posting little tidbits via Instagram HERE and perhaps a picture/Post or two via the blogger AP when I can get it to work on my phone!

I am sooo excited to set-up my new work area, especially as we are planning on setting up a crafting area for our daughter right along side!  

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Finish-A-Long Proposed Projects-2nd Quarter

Yes, this list is long, very, very long, but bare with me.

I realized this past quarter that I have these unrealistic expectations of myself, I want to have the shortest list, not the longest.  This list is by no means exhaustive in regards to the amount of projects I have in motion, especially as I have found more and more projects in the process of packing to move.
My husband pointed out there are no deadlines, there is no one waiting for any of these items, so why is it a problem to have so many projects, especially as it is not hurting anyone?  It was a great relief to hear those words from him which allow me to be honest.  I am grateful for this Finish-a-long because it does encourage me to get something accomplished and it helps me to also enjoy the accomplishments of others!

My running list will be kept in a tab at the top of the blog!  May this quarter be the year of finishes!

*\o/* Cheers

1. Diamonds Quilt
2. Pillow covering

3. Churn Dash blocks baby quilt

4. Mini-hourglass quilt
5. HST & 4-Patch Swap Quilt (Mine are all Blues which are going to be a baby Quilt)

6. Mini-Plus quilt

7. The Orphan Block Quilt

9. Great Grandma's Quilt

10. Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging

11. Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging
12. Sommersalt Quilt
 13. Martinique Strip Quilt
14. Modern Squares Table Runner
15. Rose Star Quilt
16. Dot Explosion Quilt
17. I'll Fly Away Quilt
18. Anita's Arrowheads

19. Pinwheel Plus! Quilt
20. Chain Quilt

21. Holiday Happenings quilt
22. Faster Fourteen Halloween Quilt
23. Mystery Mondays 8 expanded quilt

Finishing BOM Quilts:

24. Legacy Sampler #1 BOM 2012-2013

25. Legacy Sampler #2 BOM 2012-2013

26. Box sampler 2013
27. Lone Star Pizazz 2013-2014

Mystery Quilt Mayhem:

28. Grand Illusion Mystery 2014-Mini Sized

29. Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #1
30. Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #2

40. Christmas on Easy Street Mystery quilt 2012

41. Dress for me

42. Dress for Me--Needs to be hemmed, bodice reworked.
43. An Alaskan Kuspuk dress
44. The missing Christmas Dress
45. A skirt

46. Children's top

47. Children's top

48. Sundress 1

49. sundress 2

50. Party Dress Size 5
51. Summer dress

52. Precious dress, apron & slip

53. Violette field's dress

54. Mash-up dress

55. Sis Boom Scientific Seamstress dress

56. Dress for me

Cross Stitchery:

57. Winter Angel Cross Stitch

58. Tea pot table runner

59. Kitchen washcloths
No pictures (Moving, items got packed)
60. Nativity play- King Costume
61. Nativity play- Wise Man 1 Costume
62. Nativity play- Wise Man 2 Costume
63. Nativity play- Wise Man 3 Costume
64. Nativity play- Angel 1 Costume
65. Nativity play- Angel 2 Costume
66. Nativity play- Angel 3 Costume
67. Dancing Stars Quilt
68.  Little Girl's flannel nightgown
69. Little girls Scientific seamstress Christmas nightgown
70. 3 pairs of babyshoes