Monday, August 10, 2015

From Here To There

My break from blogging has been longer than I expected.  I've had a problem getting my pictures to upload to my computer to share on blogging rather than Instagram.  Well, I am here now,but I will share with you from the last month.

It started with getting the keys to our new place.  We had a bite to eat without any furniture or plates (we used paper as plates).

Then a couple days later came Moving Day and it looked like this:

I have worked on a variety of Projects, some I am still working on! I plan to start updating each day this week (and each day thereafter) until I am caught up!

I thank you my precious Internet friends who have contacted me while I was away, partially active on Instagram!  I am back and I am full of inspiration of all that I have been absorbing on the Internet!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

*\o/* Cheers

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  1. What a summer you have had, Shanna. I hope things will settle down for you soon so you can get back to fun sewing.


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