Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colour My World Challenge: January Red

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE color and so when M-R said she was going to do the Colour My World Challenge I had to find a way to get involved!  For the month of January the color RED was chosen and it just so happens I had just completed a duo of Red and White mug rugs when the announcement was made.  I decided that would be my entry for the month of January (I also checked in with M_R to make sure that would work, lol).  Each month I will make a pair of Mug rugs exploring the challenge color.  Not only will this allow me to get creative, but it is practical to keep my projects small at this point while waiting for a baby to arrive!

I made the fabric in the middle from my "crumbs" or little itty-bitty left-overs, and then cut the circles from that.  The circles were attached using iron-on adhesive and then sewn around the edges with a zig-zag stitch.  Then starting at one edge of the circle I swirled around and around to create a pebble in the sand sort of look.  We have these beauties out for Valentine's Day, sadly our only decorations for the holiday currently.  And now to start working on the color for February: Purple!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Finishes-2012-W4: By the Seat of My Pants...

Welcome!  It has been a couple weeks since I posted a finish, but I figure since I have been working on my baby-growing project, no one minds too much.  Here's an update of my projects...

I have now visited the hospital twice in the past week (we just got home a couple hours ago from trip #2);  I am now in the "early labor" stage which basically means I get the fun of contractions without the progress of getting a child at the end of the round.  They tell me that this will be on-going for perhaps a whole week or more!  Needless to say I will be taking a short break from posting for probably the next couple of weeks or so...

Christmas Advent Calendar:  The stitches have been ripped out and I have started to come up with a plan for FMQ the top.  I should have posted a picture of the back of this project, which was truly dreadful before the stitches were removed!  I had some serious tension issues so there were both tight and loosen threads on the back.

Cowboy Table Topper:  More tiny star parts have been assembled, they need to be squared up before making into tiny stars.  I am hoping this might be a nice project to work at while sitting and resting these next weeks.  This is a project a friend asked me to make so I am eager to get it completed!

Wonky House Block Swap:
My husband gave me the idea of making a wonky igloo instead of the traditional wonky house (he's so clever)!  We are from Alaska, but we did not actually live in an igloo, although you'd be surprised how many people ask us if we have or assumed that we did!  Many of my blocks look similar because each block is going to a different person so I did not get too crazy making them too different so I have only posted 5 completely done so far.  Please check out my Flickr account to see all the blocks that I finished (I will post them as I get each one finished)!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W4: My So-called Wonky Life...

My last few weeks have been interesting to say the least; I now know the difference between "practicing" contractions and "real" ones! We found out last week that Ziona lost some of her Amniotic fluids, but the doctor was surprised to note on Friday that not only had she not lost anymore, but that the level rose up to "normal!"  We've also made one more visit to the hospital on Saturday when contractions got to be 20 minutes apart (my husband could not wait for them to be closer).  They gave me something to take for the back pain which also made the contractions stop and then they sent me home.  So I have been resting a lot more than even before.

Christmas Advent Calendar:
The advent calendar was finally put together with the wonky numbered pockets, sandwiched and I started to FMQ the top in a random way.  I had a few problems I encountered however like 1) not enough of the thread I chose for the task, 2) my machine sincerely hates me sending the tension off if I do not use the needle he prefers 3) I am beginning to hate my machine, and finally 4) the stitch looked pretty bad in the end and I couldn't live with it.  I am working on getting all green thread pulled out (almost there) and then I will come up with a plan to get this done and packed away.

Making up Project packs:
I am trying very hard not to start any more projects until April, but there are so many QAL's that I really wish I could be  apart of this Spring.  Instead I am trying to make-up project packs, cutting up the needed fabric into strips, squares, and making sure there is a copy of the instructions in the bag.  I only have a couple made up right now so I will try to show you in a few weeks how far I progress with that!  It does make me feel like I am doing something while actually doing nothing crafty.

Wonky House Block Swap:
On a positive note I have loved playing with my scraps today and planning  out Wonky House Blocks!  I am not the greatest at things described by the word "wonky" but I am trying my best.  My Husband gave me a truly unique idea for our houses (he is my brain these days) that has truly challenged me in my creativeness.  I will post some of my blocks this next week and on my flickr account photostream.  What I love best about this project is that I have been able to use scraps, crumbs, and any other fabrics that catch my eye in my stash!  There is talk of added some additional wonky blocks like trees and such (oh what a cute idea) that I am also hoping to get in on the list for swapping!  You should check out the Flickr group for the swap, truly inspiring.   

My Goals for this week:
1)  Work on Wonky House Blocks
2)  Finish the Cowboy Table Topper
3)  Finish the Advent Calendar
4)  Work on project packs as time and interest allows.
5)  Continue to grow Ziona (ie. "rest" while doing 1-4).

Started in the past 3 weeks:       02
On WIP List this week:              19
On UFO List this week               11
Completed past 3 weeks:           07
Completed this year:                  07
Busted the past 3 Weeks:         11.75
Busted this year:                      11.75
Stashed the past 3 weeks:        14.0
Stashed this year:                     26.0
Net Busted for 2012:               -14.25

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Finishes-2012-W2: "Stay..Just a Little Bit Longer..."

"Stay..inside a little bit longer..."  I keep saying to [my favorite WIP] my little Ziona.  She is all about kicking & moving, especially when she hears her Daddy's voice; I can tell she is eager to meet the world as well!  I was expecting to have some new pictures to show you of her, but she is turned away and right where she is supposed to be!  She is also already 6 lbs they told me, and they were worried.  I guess 6 lbs with 7 weeks to go means that she just might be a big baby; oh what a scary thought!  I had to do the sugar test, which is pretty nasty and I think Ziona didn't like it either (She was extra energetic kicking and bouncing etc for about 18 hours).  I then spent a very stress-filled Wednesday pacing instead of posting, but thankfully they called me first thing Thursday morning to tell me that everything is normal and they are just going to watch her closely (I now have 3 doctors watching her closely meaning 2 doctor visits per week, ugghh).  This will be my first delivery and the furtherest we've gotten in any of our pregnancies (3rd pregnancy, 5th child) so I am pretty eager to hold Ziona in my arms and see that she is safe and whole.

I cut out the pattern for her baptism gown last night and I am now debating over fabric choices (lacy fabric over an underskirt or a patterned white cotton with a little bit of lace..hmmm???) and wrestled over sizes too!  Which way do you think I should go?  I would post a picture so you's have a better idea of what I am talking about, but I am almost out of time before I can link up to TGIFF (15 minutes to go!).

I am doing a little bit of the happy dance over here as well because I finally got the Modern Twist Quilt completed!  I forgot to buy "color-catchers" so I don't dare wash it yet.  I am hoping to get it to the winners by the end of this next week though.  I really like how it turned out, especially since it was larger than I had first anticipated.  When I started it I put together the fabric strips for the binding I was planning to use (when it was baby-quilt sized) and thankfully I must have miscounted because I literally had only 3" or 4" of binding left over when I connected the final pieces!  It finishes at 60"X 60" which is the largest quilt that I have completed so far (previously it was a 45"X 60") and it gives me hope of being able to make a quilt for our own bed some day (after I replace my machine with a bigger throat space and less quarks that is).  Okay!  I think I am going to make it to both of the parties after all with a few minutes to spare!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Finishes-2012-W1: Ringing in the New Year...

Flickr, Picnik, & Techno-vations in blog-o-sphere
The last week of the old year I opened up a Flickr account, something I have been meaning to do for quite a while.  If you have a Flickr account look me up [Sparrow In Flight] and send me your contact information, I love looking at other people's photo-streams!  Now that I have formed an attachment to Picnik my pictures are looking so much better these days!  I am hoping to keep up with adding my project pictures while they are still in process, even if I do not end up being able to put together a post after my baby girl Ziona is born.  Have you noticed that you can now make uncluttered print-outs & PDF's using Print-Friendly from my own posts[you can add a gadget to your own blog to make each posting or tutorial "print-friendly"]?  I found out about this from Madame Samm and its another techno-vation that I am in-love with now!

Wonky House Block Swap
My First week of the new year and I am so excited about the projects that I have been working on!  As if I haven't put enough on my plate I was accepted in the Wonky House block Swap in a last minute group addition, my very first block swap!  I am super excited, especially since we will be using brights and I have so many random ones in my stash that I could use.  You should check out their Flickr group, such cute ideas!  I will be posting my house blocks there as well as here so you can see my first attempts at a "wonky" house, lol.

Finishes for this week:

Two Flannel placemats in lime green, sky blue, & dark Blue

Valentine's Day Table runner in various shades of pink, red cream, & white

2 Valentine's day Mug Rugs using "crumbs", cream background, red backing & binding.
I also finished my secret Valentine's Day project that I will show you next month (but I am taking it off my WIP list)!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W1: The Amazing Race and Fabric Glee!

Hello New Year!
Santa was very good to me this year...I received a box with 48 beautiful fat quarter cuts of basics (12 yards of fabric) from Connecting Threads for Christmas.  I wish it did not sound so dorky to say that I have spent a lot of time this week petting a box of fabric, but I have.  How will I ever be able to cut into it?!  This may take some time, just like it took me 4 months to cut into my Grand Finale Fat quarter pack, and even now I hesitate to use the fabric.  I am hoping to change that this year and do some serious cut backs on my fabric stash by making whatever I can make in around caring for Ziona.
The amazing race to finish projects is well under way!  I am expecting Ziona to come some time in the next 0-60 days and boy is there a lot to do!  Yes, I am taking breaks and being bossy from the couch on more than one occasion, but I am putting in a little time in the sewing room as well.  I do have some larger projects I would love to get finished, but my eyes are mostly on the small ones I can do and get off my list.  My last WIP list was pushed into the "WIP Pit of Despair" (also known as my UFO list) on my 2011 End Year report.  Has it stopped me form starting new projects? Of course not!

My Goals for this week:
1)  Iron & organize fabrics that have no home yet and get them folded into my Stash
2)  Finish hand-stitching the binding on the Modern Pinwheel Twist Quilt
3)  Finish hand-stitching the bindings on my Valentine's Day projects (4 total)
4)  Continue to grow Ziona (ie. "rest" while doing #1- #3, possibly #5).
5)  If I have time, I am hoping to tackle these 4 placemats...

I've decided these will be placemats; thinking about adding vinyl to the multi-colored set

On WIP List this week:    00
On UFO List this week:   00
Started in last 2 weeks:   02
Busted this Week:          0.0
Busted this year:            0.0
Stashed this Week:       12.0
Stashed this year:         12.0
Net Busted for 2012:    -12.00
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Projects: 2011

December 2011-1 Flared girl's top in black/brights with Lime Green accents (Size 2 child)
December 2011-1 Mug Rug 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in sage green/mustard yellow/coral
December 2011-QAYG baby quilt in Pastels with Bright Yellow print backing (40"X 40")
December 2011-Christmas Mini-quilt in Dark Green, Burgundy, and Mustard Yellow (12"X 13.5")
December 2011-2 Christmas Pot holders in Forest green, burgundy and cream (6.5"X 6.5")
December 2011-11 Baby Burp Cloths in Purple, Blue, Aqua, Lime, Bright Pink and Light Pink
December 2011-"Melting Rainbows" Wall hanging in every color/black (24.5"X 37")
December 2011-Christmas Pot holder in Red/Green
December 2011-1 Mug Rug 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in green/yellow/blues
December 2011-1 Mug Rug 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in green/yellow/blues
December 2011-1 Mug Rug 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in green/yellow/blues
November 2011- "Jump Into fall" Mini-Quilt #4

November 2011- "Jump Into fall" mini-Quilt #3
November 2011- Tumbler quilt in yellow/blues/red (boy) (40"X 50")
November 2011- Tumbler quilt in Peach/pink/lime green (girl) (40"X 50")
November 2011- Christmas Table Runner in red/green
November 2011- Christmas Star Table Runner in red/yellow/green

November 2011- 3 "Spirit" Scrap bibs w/ blue backing & yellow ties
November 2011- 3 "Spirit" Scrap bibs w/ green backing & yellow ties
November 2011- Blue/white buttoned dress (Size 2) with green flower
November 2011-Table topper in Cream/blues
November 2011-9 Mug Rugs 5.75" X 8.5" (14 cm X 21.5 cm) in green/yellow/blues
November 2011- Light blue w/ dark blue, Jumper dress size 3 (girl)
November 2011- Reversible Kimono baby shoes colorful print with pink (girl)
November 2011- 3 vinyl covered bean bags with matching bag
November 2011- Two fall mini-quilts
November 2011- Bib & Burp Cloth for Hannah (Girl) 
November 2011- Bib & Burp Cloth for Natalia (Girl)
November 2011- Bib & Burp Cloth for Elliott (Boy) 
November 2011- Knitted blanket in tan/multi-color yellow/tan/green for Luke (Boy)
November 2011- Bib & Burp Cloth for our baby "Nugette" (Girl)
October 2011- Bib & Burp Cloth for Lincoln (Boy)
October 2011- Rose/marigold/sea foam green Table Topper for MIL's Birthday
October 2011- 2 "Mug Rugs" for my contest winners in September
October 2011- 2 burp Cloths & a Bathing scrubby for LJ
August 2011-Baby Quilt/Wall hanging in Brights with black contrasts (39"X39")
June 2011-Baby/Lap quilt in Aqua/Green/yellow (Neutral) for stash (50"X50")

June 2011-2 Baby quilts in pink/yellow/purple (girl) (40"X40")

June 2011- 2 Blocks for Margaret's Hope Chest
June 2011- 2 Blocks for Margaret's Hope Chest
May 2011-Memorial quilt for my children (50"x50")
May 2011-White Slip with ruffle (Size 9 girls)

May 2011- Veggietales themed Crib quilt (45"X60")
April 2011-Baby quilt in green/brown (neutral) for stash (40"X40")
March 2011-Baby quilt in aqua/green (neutral) for stash (40"X40")
January 2011- Quilt for Baby in red/white/blue "R" (Boy)
January 2011-Red/light blue/neutral table topper
January 2011-Red/light blue/neutral wall hanging
January 2011-Yellow/green/light blue table topper

January 2011-Yellow/green/light blue table topper