Friday, January 6, 2012

Finishes-2012-W1: Ringing in the New Year...

Flickr, Picnik, & Techno-vations in blog-o-sphere
The last week of the old year I opened up a Flickr account, something I have been meaning to do for quite a while.  If you have a Flickr account look me up [Sparrow In Flight] and send me your contact information, I love looking at other people's photo-streams!  Now that I have formed an attachment to Picnik my pictures are looking so much better these days!  I am hoping to keep up with adding my project pictures while they are still in process, even if I do not end up being able to put together a post after my baby girl Ziona is born.  Have you noticed that you can now make uncluttered print-outs & PDF's using Print-Friendly from my own posts[you can add a gadget to your own blog to make each posting or tutorial "print-friendly"]?  I found out about this from Madame Samm and its another techno-vation that I am in-love with now!

Wonky House Block Swap
My First week of the new year and I am so excited about the projects that I have been working on!  As if I haven't put enough on my plate I was accepted in the Wonky House block Swap in a last minute group addition, my very first block swap!  I am super excited, especially since we will be using brights and I have so many random ones in my stash that I could use.  You should check out their Flickr group, such cute ideas!  I will be posting my house blocks there as well as here so you can see my first attempts at a "wonky" house, lol.

Finishes for this week:

Two Flannel placemats in lime green, sky blue, & dark Blue

Valentine's Day Table runner in various shades of pink, red cream, & white

2 Valentine's day Mug Rugs using "crumbs", cream background, red backing & binding.
I also finished my secret Valentine's Day project that I will show you next month (but I am taking it off my WIP list)!

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  1. Great finishes. I love those cut mug rugs.

    I will have to check out your Flickr pictures. It is nice to have them in one spot and thanks for the information on the printer friendly posts. I wondered how people did that. There is so much to learn with blogging and I feel as though I have but scratched the surface.

  2. I can't wait to see your Wonky Houses! Next time I am on Flickr, I will look for you!!

  3. What a pretty name...the one you are giving your little girl!

    You have some fun projects on your plate =)


  4. Love your valentines day very romantic. Hope you are still RESTING!

  5. Love, love the Velentine's Day projects...not a holiday sewer on things, but these are just so beautiful!


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