Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W1: The Amazing Race and Fabric Glee!

Hello New Year!
Santa was very good to me this year...I received a box with 48 beautiful fat quarter cuts of basics (12 yards of fabric) from Connecting Threads for Christmas.  I wish it did not sound so dorky to say that I have spent a lot of time this week petting a box of fabric, but I have.  How will I ever be able to cut into it?!  This may take some time, just like it took me 4 months to cut into my Grand Finale Fat quarter pack, and even now I hesitate to use the fabric.  I am hoping to change that this year and do some serious cut backs on my fabric stash by making whatever I can make in around caring for Ziona.
The amazing race to finish projects is well under way!  I am expecting Ziona to come some time in the next 0-60 days and boy is there a lot to do!  Yes, I am taking breaks and being bossy from the couch on more than one occasion, but I am putting in a little time in the sewing room as well.  I do have some larger projects I would love to get finished, but my eyes are mostly on the small ones I can do and get off my list.  My last WIP list was pushed into the "WIP Pit of Despair" (also known as my UFO list) on my 2011 End Year report.  Has it stopped me form starting new projects? Of course not!

My Goals for this week:
1)  Iron & organize fabrics that have no home yet and get them folded into my Stash
2)  Finish hand-stitching the binding on the Modern Pinwheel Twist Quilt
3)  Finish hand-stitching the bindings on my Valentine's Day projects (4 total)
4)  Continue to grow Ziona (ie. "rest" while doing #1- #3, possibly #5).
5)  If I have time, I am hoping to tackle these 4 placemats...

I've decided these will be placemats; thinking about adding vinyl to the multi-colored set

On WIP List this week:    00
On UFO List this week:   00
Started in last 2 weeks:   02
Busted this Week:          0.0
Busted this year:            0.0
Stashed this Week:       12.0
Stashed this year:         12.0
Net Busted for 2012:    -12.00
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  1. KEEP THOSE FEET UP!! Love your new fabric..I know what you mean about cutting into new fabric, I usually find it easier when I have washed it ..somehow it does not seem so "new" then xx

  2. this is beautiful fabrics!

  3. Ha ha, I pet fabric too and I still haven't cut into some fat quarters my sister got me in New Zealand. Happy New Year, Shanna! Your projects look great.

  4. Is this one of those 0-60 in 3.5 seconds???? I am sure you could wish for that!!

    Those are some gorgeous fabrics. I would have a hard time cutting into it too. Keep on petting it!

  5. I love petting fabric too! Congrats on the baby! Soon you'll be petting and nibbling on those cute tiny fingers and toes :-).

  6. I love the idea of the jelly roll effect for placemats. They are so colorful too!


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