Friday, January 13, 2012

Finishes-2012-W2: "Stay..Just a Little Bit Longer..."

"Stay..inside a little bit longer..."  I keep saying to [my favorite WIP] my little Ziona.  She is all about kicking & moving, especially when she hears her Daddy's voice; I can tell she is eager to meet the world as well!  I was expecting to have some new pictures to show you of her, but she is turned away and right where she is supposed to be!  She is also already 6 lbs they told me, and they were worried.  I guess 6 lbs with 7 weeks to go means that she just might be a big baby; oh what a scary thought!  I had to do the sugar test, which is pretty nasty and I think Ziona didn't like it either (She was extra energetic kicking and bouncing etc for about 18 hours).  I then spent a very stress-filled Wednesday pacing instead of posting, but thankfully they called me first thing Thursday morning to tell me that everything is normal and they are just going to watch her closely (I now have 3 doctors watching her closely meaning 2 doctor visits per week, ugghh).  This will be my first delivery and the furtherest we've gotten in any of our pregnancies (3rd pregnancy, 5th child) so I am pretty eager to hold Ziona in my arms and see that she is safe and whole.

I cut out the pattern for her baptism gown last night and I am now debating over fabric choices (lacy fabric over an underskirt or a patterned white cotton with a little bit of lace..hmmm???) and wrestled over sizes too!  Which way do you think I should go?  I would post a picture so you's have a better idea of what I am talking about, but I am almost out of time before I can link up to TGIFF (15 minutes to go!).

I am doing a little bit of the happy dance over here as well because I finally got the Modern Twist Quilt completed!  I forgot to buy "color-catchers" so I don't dare wash it yet.  I am hoping to get it to the winners by the end of this next week though.  I really like how it turned out, especially since it was larger than I had first anticipated.  When I started it I put together the fabric strips for the binding I was planning to use (when it was baby-quilt sized) and thankfully I must have miscounted because I literally had only 3" or 4" of binding left over when I connected the final pieces!  It finishes at 60"X 60" which is the largest quilt that I have completed so far (previously it was a 45"X 60") and it gives me hope of being able to make a quilt for our own bed some day (after I replace my machine with a bigger throat space and less quarks that is).  Okay!  I think I am going to make it to both of the parties after all with a few minutes to spare!

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  1. Shanna, it looks great! As if you couldn't tell, but I'm a big fan of asymmetrical design so I love what you did with your design. Great job on the quilting too. I'm rooting for your and Ziona. Stay put for a while longer little one!

  2. keeping everything (that does not hinder life and limb TOO much!!) crossed that all goes well. xx much better that a close eye is kept on you both , than just letting everything "go" xx

  3. Great job incubating!!! It sounds like all is going well. Did they give you a due date yet? It sounds like you have plenty of people watching over you.

    Love the quilt work! The colors are so bright and cheery.

    I can't wait to see a picture of the christening gown.

  4. My little girl measured 6 lbs with 8 weeks to go, but I had failed the sugar test. I,too, made a christening gown for her but opted to go with the size for 10-16 lbs knowing ahead of time that she was probably going to be big. It was the perfect fit!

    So that's what I'd suggest: if she's measuring big now plan for the over 10 lb dress.

    Love the quilt! :)

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy - bet you cannot wait to meet your little one. I love your Twister quilt - great colours. I have one of those tools, they are such fun to use.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment.

  6. Keep going Shanna! I can't wait to see pictures of Ziona in her christening dress! (I actually want to see picture before that though!!!) Keep up the good work and your feet! Take Care!


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