Friday, April 15, 2016

The Finish-Along 2016 Quarter 2

This is one mega-list, I know that, but I am attempting this once again anyways!  If you want to attempt a list too, check out this post HERE!

Star Trek Project Bag

2 Sets of Dinner Napkins

Turquoise Scrap Busy Bag

Fancy Forest Baby Quilt

Aurora's Quilt

Fancy Forest Quilt

My small World 1

My Small World 2

Racoon Hunting Quilt
Pillow covering
The HST Quilt

Churn Dash blocks baby quilt

Mini-hourglass quil
HST & 4-Patch Swap Quilt (Mine are all Blues which are going to be a baby Quilt)

Mini-Plus quilt

Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging

Hearts Mini Quilt Wall Hanging
Sommersalt Quilt
 Martinique Strip Quilt
Modern Squares Table Runner
Rose Star Quilt
Dot Explosion Quilt
I'll Fly Away Quilt
Anita's Arrowheads

Pinwheel Plus! Quilt
Still a filmsy-Chain Quilt

Holiday Happenings quilt
Faster Fourteen Halloween Quilt
Mystery Mondays 8 expanded quilt

Finishing BOM Quilts:

Legacy Sampler #1 BOM 2012-2013

Legacy Sampler #2 BOM 2012-2013

Box sampler 2013
Lone Star Pizazz 2013-2014
Sampler Block Shuffle

Mystery Quilt Mayhem:

Grand Illusion Mystery 2014-Mini Sized

Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #1
Celtic Solstice 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery-Quilt #2
Richy's Pop-up mystery


Dress for Me--Needs to be hemmed, bodice reworked.
The missing Christmas Dress
A skirt

Children's top

Children's top

sundress 2

Summer dress

Precious dress, apron & slip

Sis Boom Scientific Seamstress dress

Dress for me
Easter Dress

Little Girl's Dress

Josephina long-sleeved blouse (in back)

Ballerina Gabriella Fae (Bottom Right) Butterfly Easter dress (middle left), Lavender Sally, Pink Sally, Yellow Dress

Cross Stitchery:

Winter Angel Cross Stitch

Tea pot table runner

Kitchen washcloths
No pictures (Moving again, items will be found)

Dancing Stars Quilt
Little Girl's flannel nightgown
10 pairs of scrap bibs
3 Texas Scrap Bibs
3 pairs of babyshoes

Until next time!

*\0/* Cheers