Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whatcha Doing?

I am trying to get projects finished each quarter as part of a competition as well as to keep me going, but I am going to stop feeling so neurotic about it...maybe.  I will post my Mater list at the beginning of a quarter, the mid-way point, and at the end of one quarter, then put up a new list for the following quarter.  You see, I have hidden WIP projects that I don't know what they are, I just know they are there!  So I plan to sneak them onto my list every quarter, lol.

So instead of posting my massive list each week of unfinished (thorns in my flesh) projects, I am going to highlight a project that I have either just started or the one I am focusing on for the week.  In my mind I work from Wednesday to Wednesday with the hope of having the project completed the following Friday.

For this week I want to share my scattered Triangles project which I got the idea HERE and then saw another like it HERE.  I used 6" Charm squares of Sommersalt and a basic white on white Print I bought at Joann Fabric's on a scary Black Friday once.  You will probably see the swirling design once I get this baby into better light!

What's left to do:
I need to re-cut the end-cap triangles (they got misplaced), finish rearranging sections, sew everything together, add a border (possibly), backing to be assembled, quilt, add binding, and then enjoy!

I also also working on the quilts from HERE!



  1. Fun quilt! Best of luck with all of your WIPs.
    Link up with Freshly Pieced - WIP Wednesday.

  2. Darling! I love how the white makes the negative space allowing the triangles to pop!

  3. I like your triangles. I've been wanting to try equilateral triangles.

  4. Lovely splashes of colour in amongst the white!

  5. That's a really neat design...I love it!


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