Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finishes 5

Z's Birthday Dress
So, I set out to get some clothing completed, but as usual I got a little distracted!  I did make quite a bit of headway with her dress, but got stalled at the portion where I need to pin and gather the skirt which is not exactly smart to do with such a curious child about!

I am not really worried right now that Baby Girl will be without clothing as many have graciously supplied her with an abundance of clothing via baby showers before she was born.  Well on top of that we have a doting grandmother and several ladies at my Church who seem to remember Z when they are shopping or go to a garage sale.  My problem this week as I was sorting through clothes is I really had no good place to put her items so time to do a little fabric organization!

February 1st, 2013
I have decided to keep these bins right on the table as you see it now because I think it is going to work for me.  I realized today that I have an idea of what color fabric I need for a project so I only go to the particular bin, not even glancing at the others.  With the bins up I found the perfect fabric for the Sash for Z's Birthday dress (photo above) so I did not have to order as I had intended.  I also was able to add Border fabric to a WIP Quilt Top and find fabric to make the backing right away (Photos below)!

Completed Quilt top

Backing for Quilt
I also was able to add Border fabric to a WIP Quilt Top and find fabric to make the backing right away (Photos below)!  You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I spied a couple fabrics I now plan to use to make the backing for the "Chained" Quilt top I finished last Thursday [POST].  One of the fabrics was actually purchased for that quilt, but I honestly had forgotten about it.  It is so nice to have most of my fabrics organized again!  There are a few bits and pieces scattered about, but hopefully if I can swipe adopt a shelf from the dining room I should have a  place to put all my displaced items (in my own bedroom!!!!) that needs to be to move to make room for Z's clothing in her room!

Not a huge amount of finishes per se, but I feel the fabric organization is worth it!  I did hate to cut into the Yellow, but I would much rather have a quilt back and not be tempted when Z and I go to the Quilt store tomorrow to pick our BOM.  I think I am going to let Miss Z pick out another scrap bag because she has been carrying around the last one every day, stopping to pet her fabric.  I am debating though, should I leave the fabric be or make a little something with the fabric?

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  1. Like you, I have just reorganised my stash - boy, does it make a difference. You have some lovely colours - no need for any paintings on the wall in this room!

  2. It is so much easier to have everything so organized when sewing. It certainly saves a lot of time.

  3. I love being able to see my fabric all at once because like you said, you might not look at alternatives if it's not right out there. The organisation will save you lots of time and makes it easier to focus on projects at hand. I really like your WiP quilt colours too. Nice and bright. Well done!

  4. Looks fantastic! Wow... I'd say that was time well spent.

  5. Love your stash. I keep mine in a shoe cubby but I do like your bins a bit better because I have to pull every one of my fabrics out to be able to get to one. Nice idea

  6. Oooh can you cone and organise my stash please?!

  7. Fabric organization is so much fun - I always find pieces I had forgotten about when I do it. Whoop whoop for your fabulously beautiful stash and your pretty finishes!!


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