Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stash Report 5

Scrap bag, which is going to be used for the Sugar Block Club BOM

Here is my Stash Report through 02/02/2013:

Used This Week:  0 yards
Given this week:  16 Yards
Used/Given year to Date: 35 yards
Added This Week:  6 yards 
Added Year to Date: 10 3/4 yards
Net Used/given for 2013: +24 1/4 yards

I am so excited that I have been organizing my fabric as it has allowed me to purchase less fabrics and get more used up.  I do not count fabric used until the whole project is completed.  I do add in the fabric received for the BOM even though I will not count the fabric used until the whole quilt is completed.

So then why are there pictures of fabric on this post? Well....I was at the check out with baby girl to purchase the scrap bag of fabrics I am thinking will really work for the Sugar Block Club BOM, when I saw the prettiest little wall hanging on the wall right behind the cashier.  It turned out to be a free pattern written by one of the Ladies that works at the store and it uses Sandy Gervais' Flirt line by Moda.  Since I do not have very many valentiney decor, I simply gave in and purchased the materials.  I was thinking that if I hurry up and get it completed this week then I can use it at Miss Z's First Birthday as part of the decor...seems justified, right?  well, I just need to follow through now.  
See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I think we need those fun spontaneous purchases once in a while! Have fun with yours.


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