Thursday, February 21, 2013

A delay...

Greetings!  It is late now in the night and I was expecting to be finishing up the 2nd half of my post from Tuesday, but it is not to be ready yet.  I started off my day distracted by another project and then my Darling Girl needed some extra cuddle time today, by the time I turned my eye to finishing this project, it was really too late to have a post ready by the morning.  Baby Girl and I laughed together and she hugged me tightly as I cried a little watching an episode of Downton Abbey with her.  Oh she has no idea why I was sorrowful, but I can see she already has the sweetest heart.

I will probably have everything squared away later today (as it is about 12:45am) as I am truly excited to share the finished Quilt top with you.  And then on Friday I shall have a  few more items to share with you!  It feels like an accomplishment to get the projects to the point where I have the top, backing and binding ready to go.  That is my new goal--Once the top is completed to prepare the backing and binding next!  I am astonished just how much fabric is being used right from my own stash!  I have been making a list of the fabric I need to purchase, and then I try my hardest to make something work that I already own.  It has been liberating in a way, but eventually there is some yardage I need to purchase, especially some solids as I am sorely lacking in them.

Well as usual I digress...
Goodnight to all, and I hope I shall be back later today with another post!


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