Monday, January 27, 2014

The SPIRIT of P.I.N.K.

Fabric lines can be a rather funny thing.  Some are iconic; they flash it's designer's name without looking.  For example I can spot just about anything designed by Sandy Gervais whose designs vary and yet there is a certain quality that screams her name to me.  I have used more of her fabric in projects than any other designers, she is unique and yet her lines work so well many other fabrics.  She was the first fabric designer that made me long for designer fabrics.

The fabric line Spirit by Lila Tueller is frankly not a line of fabric I would have picked out to use.  Mainly it is because it's just so P.I.N.K. which happens to be one of my most disliked colors.  However a few years back I picked up a few Moda Scrap bags two were filled with remnants of Spirit.   I was a little flabbergasted on what in the world I was going to do with such fabrics, but you would be surprised.  

At first, it started out innocently enough with a dear friend having a baby girl.  We knew before she was born that she would be female so I wanted to make some sweet little gifts.  My friend was definitely the sort who would be dressing her daughter up in P.I.N.K. and frilly little girl type stuff so I knew this would be the perfect fabrics for a couple burp cloths and a bath scrubby. 

over the past couple of years, I found myself pulling it out for other baby gift projects...

Last year, it was used for some scrappy bibs for a fundraiser..

Next, some of the fabric made it's way onto this project..

Now finally when almost every scrap I had left was tied up in a scrappy challenge quilt (Pillow cover pictured below)...I bought just a little bit more a couple of months ago.  I found the fabric in my LQS's $3.00/per yard section which requires that you purchase at least 2 yards for the deal, so I just took the rest of the bolt.  Getting 3.5 yards for the price of 1 yard is not a bad deal.  Especially since God has graced me with the frilliest, most ardent lover of P.I.N.K. there has ever existed!  I will admit that I have done my best to dilute this with a whole palette of colors, but her first choice is always P.I.N.K when it comes to picking out anything; clothes, bedding, dollies, etc.

A throw Pillow Cover
Miss Z, my dear readers will be getting a quilt for her big girl bed that matches the pillow cover!  My hope had been to get it completed for Christmas, but that was just not possible, so it will probably be our birthday gift of 2014!  I still haven't quite figured out how I want to quilt this one, but I can say it will totally be my focus this week!  There are only 3 weeks left until her 2nd birthday, can you believe it?

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  1. Love your projects and that quilt is co cute! I'm with you - pink is not one of my favorite colors either (wink).

  2. I am such a "no pink" person too. Maybe it is because I raised four sons before I had a girl. Anyway.....the quilt for Miss Z is lovely and I know she will cherish it. How can she be two already????

  3. Love your projects and pink is not one of my fav too!

  4. Oh, I love that middle project, the one outlined in black. I can't imagine where to even start. But I'm not a quilter.


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