Thursday, January 30, 2014


Miss Z has been looking through a veil of hair for the past couple of months as she refuses to let mommy put anything in her hair--she will let Daddy do her hair, but that story is for another day.  So she sorta fo had her bangs cut....

People try to tell me how much my daughter looks like me, however to me she is the spitting imagine of My husband (without the beard of course).  I was able to find a picture of myself a little older than Miss Z is now and I thought it was time to compare.  It would of course be better if I could find my husband's toddler pictures, but this is the best we can do for today!

Miss Z (taken Tuesday, a Month shy of 2 years)

Mommy (Me, taken when I was 2.75 years old)

Hmmm..Okay now that I am looking at the pictures right by each other she looks more like me than I thought, but still more like her Daddy in my mind!  I am very curious if she will have curly hair as a child like I did or get curly hair like my husband did at about 12 years old.  My goodness I had such red hair, which is like my Aunt Mary's now that I think about it.

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  1. she is a beautiful little individual xx ... Im absolute rubbish at spotting likness unless its identical twins !! lol x

  2. Adorable pics and yes she looks just like you!

  3. Such a precious. And such glorious red hair you had - love it. I do think she looks like you.

  4. Just catching up her, Shanna...the story of my life these days! I can see some resemblance between the two of you. I was born with red ringlets too. It went straight in my puberty years, unlike my boys who had straight that went curly.


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