Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WIP: Double-rainbow Edition...

Have you seen the youtube video where the man is exclaiming over a rainbow he is filming?  Well, it's what comes to mind this week as I labor over  one of my last three remaining "must do before baby girl is born" list of WIP's.  I will show you the picture a little bit later, but first, I started cutting and pinning burp cloths from the flannel that I purchase over the shameful weekend (see Monday's post).  I will be making making bibs to go with them and I have plans to make a flannel baby blanket for the either the Youth group fundraiser or the Parish school fundraiser for next year.

 And now for a little "double-rainbow" action!  This is sort of like "bottled rainbows" meets organic sunshine (meaning rainbows got a little melted, maybe?).  This is to be a wall-hanging that someone sort of asked me to make.  I believe the words, "colorful" and "modern" might have come up in the conversation and I might have taken it a little far.  It's kind of a fun project though.  I just have to work in the rest of the blues & purples.  Then we have a whole lot of zig-zagging to get done and the usual binding fun; I think I have a fun black print I am going to use for that.  I am praying that this one gets done before Friday so I can mail off my last two packages!

And finally my favorite WIP that is still on-going for another 8-15 weeks (depending if she comes early, on-time or late).  I love those little lips; as soon as I saw this ultrasound picture my first thought was she looks just like my MIL!  I am so happy about that because my husband looks just like his mother too (I have the best MIL in the world)!  I ended up out a little too long on black Friday and we started having some contractions, so though not on official bed rest, my project numbers will be greatly reduced in the coming weeks.  I am so happy that next week I will post more about the lap quilt I am working on to give away for the Baby name contest (over on my husband's blog).

So my WIP's this week are:
New projects -11
In process - 33
In planning- 9
Finishes - 5

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  1. AWESOME, I love your "double, melted rainbows". Nugette looks pretty cute too!

    Now go put your feet up! :)

  2. Your rainbow is wonderful. But your best WIP is the last week. Now go get some rest, she looks tired :)

  3. Wow, I love your organic bottled rainbow. That is going to look fabulous, Shanna!

  4. I love your rainbow wall hanging! So beautiful. You should post about your process. I would love to know how to make one for myself.


  5. I love the rainbow of flowers. We have to sample?

  6. I agree - I think the rainbow is fab. I'd love to know how did it :)

  7. The melted rainbow is beautiful and so is your lil' sweet pea!

  8. Yes! We all want to know how you did that!


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