Friday, August 31, 2012

Finishes 35: Back in the Saddle Again...

Before Ziona was born we received a lot of clothing up to 24 months at baby showers.  I also was given clothing from friends that had children out-growing clothes, so I thought I would have some time to leisurely come up with larger clothes that I would of course make myself.  I mean seriously what is cuter than making little girl dresses?  I decided that I need to make a night gown first.  I adapted an Oliver + S Pattern that I bought off digital download from a blouse into a sort of nightgown/dress.  I have a review that will be posted next week about my thoughts on this pattern.  I used flannel, which I totally forgot that I hate sewing with because it causes drag and takes double the time, so I am also planning to make the actual shirt in regular cotton too.  The white plastic buttons on the back are from my Great-grandmother's stash, which places them sometime before I was born.  I also had some Jet buttons, but I thought that just might not be right for a baby nightgown.  Even with the drag of using flannel this project was completed in one day; in fact just in time to put her to sleep in it.

I started making blocks for the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop and actually found a pattern that they would incorporate into a full quilt perfectly!  I decided to get it finished up for the fall fundraiser at my church's school.  I decided to show my finished quilt because I am sure that I will have many more leafy projects coming along.  Afterall, Fall is my favorite time of year and of course also my favorite fabric!  Last month for Friday Night Sew-in I ended up winning a charm pack of my favorite fabric designer, Sandy Gervais' Phenomenal Fall.

My last thing to share is my posting for the Bowls with Borders Blog Hop project.  I was so excited because I got chosen for one of the top two projects for that day!  I have this wall hanging in my kitchen and it just cheers me up every time I see it.  I still have two Large project Squares that I haven't decided on what I shall to with them.  What do you think I should do?  I am also in the middle of several quilts that I hope to get further on tomorrow while my Husband is at class.  Baby Girl and I hang out and I ask her what she thinks of things.  Sometimes she does seem to prefer one fabric over another when I ask her which she likes.

Well I am back form my break.  I have several tutorials that I have promised in the past that I will get set-up to post one a week.  I am signed up for a couple blog-hops on Sew We Quilt, and I have fire under me to get my WIP list completed at a faster rate than I am adding things to it!  Thank all of those who sent me messages that they were praying and thinking of me and my family.  I am sad, but Life goes on, I have Ziona to care for and so I cannot dwell in my grief forever.  It does help to get things done and have something else to focus on.  And so I am off to play my computer game with some friends from around the world, don't you love technology?  See you all later!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bowls With Borders Blog Hop--Day 16

Welcome Friends to my train stop along today's journey on the Blog Hop!  For those who have not seen any of the posts, please check out both those who are the next stops on this ride (each blog/name is listed belong, click on their name to jump to their location) and take a moment to check out the main station at Sew We Quilt.

I have a confession to make, this project really scared me!  Not only had I never paper-pieced before this project, but there were so many people taking part in this project from around the world that I was intimidated by all the projects posted before me.  But then I started reading these lovely ladies & gentleman's words and they were saying some of the exact words that have been rolling around in my head since I started this project.  I realized that I am not alone in the world and frankly I needed that encouragement.  I also realized that many had worked very hard on their project and I had to follow through on my commitment (although there were days I wanted to quit so very badly).  Thank you all who shared your projects because this project would not have been completed without you!

So without further ado, here are some pictures of what I have completed and what I still have in the works!  I first started with some yardage of butter yellow and a charm pack of Momo's  "Just Wing It" which I love because of the variety of colors and shapes.  As far as I can remember, all of the bowls come from this charm pack.  I decided right off the bat to make one very large pile of bowls on a wall hanging.  My favorite bowl is the green one with the red border and the bright red little butterfly!

Here is my wall hanging's front in all its glory!

This is the back which shows the crazy stitching I did on this piece.
I also have two pretty blocks that I have been debating about for a bit.  What should I make with it?  Placemats?  Pot holders?  perhaps as a block on a much larger piece?  Oh so much to think about here!

Here is my little Darling!  She loved to watch me sewing and I cannot wait to introduce her to the wonder of crafting!
In the end this project has been so rewarding and I cannot begin to thank all those involved in Bringing it about!  Carol and Madame Samm, thank you for not only your cheering, but the occasional kick in the pants which sometimes I so dearly need!  You are truly the best.   Regina thank you for your generosity in sharing your delightful pattern with us all.  Now that I have another skill added to my tool box, there will be no going back!  I am off to conquer more paper-piecing projects I found to challenge me.

 Thank you so much for stopping for a moment to rest, hear my story, and share yours in return!  I have already finished my Leaves project (although I can promise that more will be coming) and I have been sketching for my Dots on Dots blog hop Project.  I am enjoying these blog hops, are you?

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