Thursday, October 27, 2011

WIP: "When the Leaves Come Falling Down..."

Somewhere (else) the leaves are falling and the air is cooling down in anticipation for a coming winter (in other places besides Texas).  In our household we have the apple cider simmering on the stove in my efforts to foster the scents of the season (as well as a spice candle burning).  I've also broken into my Sandy Gervais stash of fabrics to get in a little fall sewing.  The Fat Quarter collection shown in the picture is from her Grand Finale line of fabric, I also have a scrap bag from her fall line from last year (I will have to look up the name when I start posting the projects), and two layer cakes from her Tranquility line.  All these are such beautiful fabrics, it is hard to choose exactly what to do with them to do them justice.  I have plans for wall hangings, wall hangings, and perhaps a quilt as well.

In my second picture is the start of a table topper that is a request for a friend.  The pieces are extremely small compared to other projects I have attempted in the past; in the end they should look like stars.  Have you noticed another theme in my pictures today?  Nugette has been jumping into most of my pictures lately.  It's something I did not anticipate for picture taking while I am pregnant.

I look forward to posting some cute projects on Friday that I have finished this week.  Monday, I hoping to have a rough number for a stash report!  If you have time, take a look at our baby-name contest on another post or my husband's blog.

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