Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SR/WIP-2012-W5: Something New to do...

 Oh My What an interesting week it has been!  I am still having contractions that are not doing anything and so I have to stay laying down or resting or they start back up.  I have had 3 Visits to the hospital and finally today an Ultrasound check-up to see how Ziona is doing!  She has healthy heart, her breathing is good, and she still looks very much like her daddy!  We have a  few more weeks I am hoping to keep her incubating!

I am hoping to do some smaller projects around our place, the first is completing my Wonky House swap Blocks and signature blocks in time to mail for the deadline!  You can see the 5 I have completed on my Flickr account.  I miss-measured cutting the outside strips for the other 8 blocks, but I am hoping to get that ripped out, measured, cut and sewn in place tonight.  I am hoping to tackle the signature blocks and my mending tomorrow (3 pairs of pants need buttons replaced and hems augmented for my husband).  When those things are done & mailed off, I will be resting, watching Netflix, and working on my Tea Pot Cross Stitch (My husband is teaching me to cross stitch; of course I had to pick a large colorful runner to start with!).

My Goals for this week:
1)  Work on Wonky House & Signature Blocks
2)  Mending for husband
3)  Cross Stitch
4)  Continue to grow Ziona.

Started in the past week:            02
On WIP List this week:              15
On UFO List this week               11
Completed past week:                05
Completed this year:                  12
Fabric: (Numbers do not include wonky blocks)
Busted the past  week:               0.0 
Busted this year:                      11.75
Stashed the past week:               0.0
Stashed this year:                     26.0
Net Busted for 2012:               -14.25
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  1. You are doing amazing! The only thing you should work on this week is growing Ziona! Happy week to you!

  2. glad all going well .....keep those feet off the ground ready for when you are running around after her xx

  3. Glad to hear all is going well. By the time it is the "real" thing, you will know all of the nurses by name.

  4. I've been thinking about you! I hope all is well!


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