Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Far Away...

Do you ever feel disconnected from those around you?  Sometimes I feel like life is going by as though I am on the center of a spinning merry-go-round.  I see life passing by in a blur, so when I try to reach out to touch all the fast-flown imagines I grasp nothing instead.  That has been what has been happening for me the past couple of months.  I  blinked and suddenly I am looking at the far side of July.  How does that happen?  I miss you all, this lovely world that supported me through the loss of 4 children, celebrated with me on the birth of my darling, and encouraged me as I strove to be a better quilter and a better woman. 

I simply adore being able to stay home & care for my daughter, It is a gift that no amount of money would be tempting enough to exchange this time.  I see my long list of works in progress and I wistfully miss being able to have completed projects about me.  And then I hold my growing child in my arms as she cries awake in the middle of the night, awoken by the sharp pain of incoming teeth.  As she snuggles deeper into my hold I smell her hair that tickles my nose and hear her softly muttered jabbering, my heart aches as I know this time is but a wisp of time that I cannot clutch into my hands.

There is a pile of projects that grace my shelves, drawers and work surface in my bedroom.  They call to me, and I think this next week I shall listen to their tempting voices.  I am tentative to promise you that I will accomplish much, but I will see what I can do.  Thank you for sticking with me, stopping by though I have not posted in a full 2 months.  I never intended that it would go that way, but it has and so I shall move forth...

Cheers *\o/*


  1. a day at atime .. just live as best you can and try to only worry about the things you can do something about xx

  2. Welcome back and take time to enjoy your little as they become BiG very quickly!!


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