Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Better Off Threads...

The Center part is complete.  When I first showed the completed top to my husband in the spring, he suggested I do pebble work in the red boxes like I had tried out on another project.  At that time I decided to go a different path and do a general stitch over the whole quilt, which then took me almost 3 months to finish ripping the stupid stitches out of that disaster.  It seemed like a good idea to consider his suggestion this time around though. 

I am going to say something though, I really dislike the Aurifil thread for this project, which I know admitting aloud is going against practically the whole quilting community, but I feel I can't keep quiet just because everyone else is in love with the item.  I was very surprised to find that I actually prefer the inexpensive threads I have bought from Connecting Threads in the past!  Their colors are more vibrant; they simply feels and look better in my opinion than Aurifil.  Hey, nobody is more surprised than me at my thoughts.  Yes, I agree that because the weight is lighter I can fit more thread on bobbins but for the stone work I did I felt like I had to use twice as much thread to get it to contrast even close to what I liked. For example, in this project I had to go around 3-5 times for each pebble to get the vibrancy of just 1-2 stone-turns with my usual thread.  So in this case I felt like I had to do a lot more work than I expected.

I know, there will be some of you out there who will urge me to keep trying it out, perhaps change weights or try different stitches.  I do plan to try out a simpler stitch with the white Aurfil thread on another project just so you know that ahead of time.  I also have heard people rave the use of the lighter weight Aurifil thread in piecing, so I will try that as well.  I just have to say though, so far, I am not impressed.

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