Thursday, November 7, 2013

Really Random Thursdays

I feel like my last couple of months has been nothing but randomness so I have a few pictures to share today!  Miss Z went to a fall festival and spent half the time trying to get the Jewels off the other girls' gown, that does not bode well...other things happening:

So We Got New neighbors
They really like to hang out there...
This is a little scary...
My Friend, J and her friend dress up for Halloween, they make good twins from a movie...

I am still IN-LOVE with this chair from IKEA:

I spent a lot of time knitting and doing cross-stitch while I was on bedrest:

Miss Z Loves her new-to-her kitchen which has given me a whole extra hour (what shall I do?): 

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*\o/* Cheers

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  1. I'd be questioning those new neighbors!!!!

    A whole extra hour? Wow....what will you do? I love watching little ones role play.

  2. Wow - your friends and their Shining costumes are pretty awesome. And terrifying!


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