Thursday, December 1, 2016

SisBoom Blog Tour: Sew For the Holidays

It was during a tumultuous time in my life that I first found Sisboom Patterns on Etsy. I was desperately seeking a solution to my own wardrobe woes and I also found one of the most supportive sewing communities on facebook that I have ever known. Over time, again and again I reach for my Sis boom patterns to make my daughter clothes and even occasionally I make something for myself!

 I love the Advent and Christmas seasons, which is when I sew the most clothes. In our religious practice, we have a lot of feast days during Christmastide and our daughter loves to dress up! My goal this year was to make as many versatile new outfits that could be worn on into the rest of winter or into Spring.

Advent 3-Rose Sunday: Sophie (size 7/8)
My daughter Ziona asked for some tunics to wear this year. I hate to admit, but though I have owned this pattern for a couple years and have printed/assembled this pattern in several sizes now, this is the first time I have sewn it up! Oh what time I've wasted not making this, Sophie was such a quick and easy tunic to make and the details really make me happy!

Advent 4: Sophie Dress (Size 7/8)
This augmented Sophie was made with one of my favorite fabrics that Ziona picked out from the Sewing Center on the day after Thanksgiving (commonly called Black Friday in the US). She took longer to make her choice than a newly engaged person shopping for rings!

Christmas Eve Nightgown: Leighanna (Size 7/8)
Our family tradition is to open a gift on Christmas Eve before our midnight Mass services which is usually new sleepwear. This nightgown is perfect from the Leighanna pattern but it won't be such a surprise for Ziona as she caught me sewing a couple weeks ago when I thought her napping!

The Feast of St. Stephen (December 26th): Sophie (Size 7/8)
This time, I made the facing on the front with matching cuffs!

The Feast of the Circumcision (8th Day of Christmastide): Gabriella Fae (Size 8)
This is my most beloved Sisboom Pattern which I have easily made over 20 times! It is a versatile pattern with different bodice, neckline and sleeve options! Here I have made the long sleeves with the runched bodice and the skirt is a bit longer than the pattern originally called for. I have another one of these in the works with loops at the waist for sashing that can be changed out.

Would you like to win a Sisboom pattern of your own? Click on the rafflecopter and follow the prompts to enter! Thank you for taking the time to visit and be sure to catch up with the other blogs on this tour featuring Sisboom Patterns for the Holidays!


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  1. That looks like such a versatile pattern and perfect for all the upcoming feast days. I'm sure Miss Z will be thrilled to be so stylish too.

  2. Nice variety there! I think my girls would love the Sophie or the Emily tunic patterns.

  3. Love how they're all so different!

  4. I don't know if I did this correctly above (??) - Anyway, I just LOVE all the fabrics, and fun patterns and projects - since I just got a new sewing machine it would be fun to make clothes again! So, I am thinking the Patricia tunic would be great! Was so great to visit the Holiday Sale today with my grandsons, finally got a jump on some Christmas shopping and fabrics too!:) xoxox

  5. I really like the Gabriella Fae! Little girl dresses are (one of) my obsessions! 😉

  6. Love all the Sis Boom patterns and the Sally is my personal fave. I really love the ones you have sewn /shared in your blog post

  7. I like the Tortola - Womens Tank Top Pattern. Love that it is made on the bias and have cup sizing.


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