Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do First December: UFO, WIP Or New Projects?

Greetings!  It has been a month since I last wrote anything on my blog.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their friends and family.  Z was able to meet an aunt, uncle, 2 cousins and great-grandma (G'ma in law) over the holiday.  She was very curious about her cousins wanting to follow them around, but it was grandma (My MIL) she looked for the week we came home!

Miss Z and Great-Grandma

My hand is getting better although a bit sore, I am so excited to get sewing something again.  My plans are to get these pieces cut and ready to go for next week.  I have been planning out my week down to the minute, so hopefully I will be able to fall in line with my schedule.  In teh end it will depend on Z's state.  Sometimes she loves to lay on the bed and watch me sew or "read" her books while I am crafting.

New Projects:

Soaked Crib Quilt:  I need to cut pieces out and have them ready for next week

Hello Sunshine Crib Quilt:  I need to cut pieces out and have them ready for next week
 Current Projects:

Blue-Black Churn Dash:  Project is lost & now MIA!

Chain Quilt:  I hope to start assembling blocks soon

Christmas Advent Calendar:  finish Stitching & binding

City Weekend Project:  We are back to table toppers/wall hangings

Dusty Rose Quilt:  Currently in 4-patch and 2-patch segments, needs some love

Dot Explosion Quilt:  This needs some reworking in concept.

Martinique Strip Quilt:  A Festering WIP, one of my oldest needs lots of focus
Poppy Wall Hanging:  a small bit of progression, trying to figure out stems & leaves
Rainbow Stars:  This block is complete, 3 more are in progress, might use in a mixed quilt

Red Eye Quilt:  Making adjustment to top, then needs to be sandwiched & Finished
Squares & Patches Quilt:  Some Blocks are squared up, more to do during movie day maybe

Summer Games Table Runner:  the quilt idea just wasn't working so I turned this into a table runner

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