Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Beginning to Look like Christmas...late

A Delayed Christmas Dress

Well, technically I am hosting TGIFF (See yesterday's POST for the link up) but I had more finishes this week to share so I am adding in another finish post for the year, I just may have to post every day a new finish, well that is of course if I get anything else completed this year!  I wanted to complete this dress in time for the Christmas Eve Service but I had a minor meltdown when I realized that I had no matching thread.  I tried to suck it up and use the cream or brown I have on hand, but I had to rip it out; it truly looked horrible.  I was working on another project and digging in my desk drawers to see if I could find more empty bobbins when I came across a miniscule amount of blood red Sulky thread.

Z was delighted by her skirt touching her toes
Now, I hate using this thread with a passion, but I sewed very, very, very slowly (there is a speed switch on my machine which I rarely use since I am a pedal to the floor kind of sewer) to finish the top stitching to hold the lining down on the gathered part and to add velcro for the closure.  Velcro was used because I don't a snap setter anymore.  My button bin has not been found since we moved in May so I have been using buttons from my great-grandmother.  Since I am hitting the buttons that are pretty much priceless to me and possibly contain lead paint, I thought it best to go the velcro route!

I had to let Z play with the beads on the tree to get this back shot

The dress front without baby or Sash
I am truly delighted with how THE PARTY DRESS turned out except one minor thing:  it's too big.  Now that is not the pattern or designer's fault.  Believe it or not, my formerly chunky baby has shrunk!  When I made her the Oliver +S Two Plus Two blouses (See Post HERE and HERE) she was much chunkier, shorter and weighing a whopping 25 pounds at the time.  Ziona was fitting the width of the 24 months/2T clothes, but not the length.  She has since lost 3.5 pounds, gained 4 inches and then gained back 2.5 pounds, but I did not take this in consideration when I cut out and made the dress.  If you are looking for a beautiful girly dress check this FREE pattern out @The Cottage Home!!
The Back with Sash but without Z.
So I am off to finish up a Christmas Present (a last minute special request instead of the yearly gift card) that will help me free up an bobbin hopefully!  I really need at least 6 bobbins before I start my top stitching of the 2 Crib Quilts...of course I am also in the middle of piecing 1 of them still so that is next on my list and should also free up a few more bobbins!!  Until tomorrow with my next last minute finish!

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  1. It is beautiful and so is she :-)

    1. Thank you so much! She is a little Darling!

  2. Wow, wow,wow!!! Such a fabulous dress!

  3. Spectacular dress -just the thing for a pretty little girl! Whoop whoop!!

  4. The dress is adorable but I think the baby is even more adorable! I love the red and green together.
    Nancy from joy for grace


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