Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stash Report Saturday

Black Friday Morning** we were still at my in-laws in Kansas.  We had no plans to hit any Black Friday sales as we were literally "in the middle of nowhere" (according to my 5-year old nephew who asked his daddy, "Does Grandpa and Grandma live in the middle of nowhere?") and we pretty much already had purchased or made all our Christmas presents for this season.  But as Baby Girl was still getting adjusted to the time change, being away from home and waking up to mommy and daddy only a couple feet away from her, 5am wake up calls were beginning to become the norm by the end of the week!  Grandma had swiped Z into her clutches as soon as I made my way down stairs for some morning cuddling so I checked my email.  Connecting threads had an ad in my box about their mysterious Black Friday Sales so I waiting for their 6AM PST sale to start...
Maple Skies Quilt Kit
Even after the sale finally started loading I debated for over an hour on which Quilt kits I wanted to purchase.  In the end I picked up 2 Quilt kits using the Maple Skies line marked down to 60% off even while their yardage was still marked at full price. My original thought had been to make the lap quilt pattern included with the kit so I purchased the second kit to use the fabric for the backing, but once I received the fabric I loved it so much I just have to make this into a quilt into my own bed quilt.

Fabric for the Legacy Sampler BOM Club For November Block
I realized yesterday that I forgot to add in the fabric I received for the BOM from The Old Craft Store for both the month of October and for November (come back on Monday to see the finished block), so I am adding it in the counter for this week, estimating 1/4 yard for each week.  I will not be counting the fabrics used in the blocks however until I finish and bind the completed quilt.

Here is my Stash Report through 12/07/2012*:
Used last Week:  2 1/8 yards
Used year to Date: 67 1/2 yards
Added last Week:  24 3/8 yards (Includes BOM Fabric)
Added Year to Date: 74 yards
Net Used for 2012: -6 1/2 yards

Thanks again for stopping by and you shall see me tomorrow!

*This is a rough estimate in the foggy haze of birth and all that.  I do remember getting a stash of fabric from some people moving out of my building in late April & my mother gave me fabric as well (some got passed on to others) but I had to guess at amounts.  I will be better about exact amounts from July onward.
**Black Friday refers to the Day After Thanksgiving, the 4th Thursday in November, in the United States.  It is called such because it refers to financial operations going from red ink to black ink indicating a profit.

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