Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP Thursday

Z's Christmas Dress:  Fabric cut with a different pattern, but having a few troubles
I am in the place no sewing parent wants to be:  a few days off from Christmas with no finished Christmas dress!  I really love this fabric I chose from Z's dress,but I am having problems with the pattern instructions.  Normally I am able to just look at pattern pieces and onward I go, but that doesn't happen often with Oliver + S Patterns for me.  Sometimes I think they are needlessly complicated.  If I keep struggling tonight then I am going to put this dress to the side and just wing it with The Party Dress by The Cottage Home.  I have this scrumptious Emerald green decor fabric that would look fantastic in this dress style.

Well, everything else is just going to have to wait today!  Tomorrow I have to clean and last minute shop for Christmas day meal so today is my last chance!

Blue-Black Churn Dash:  Project is lost & now MIA!
Chain Quilt:  Some blocks are assembled, many more to go
Christmas Advent Calendar:  finish Stitching & binding
City Weekend Project:  We are back to table toppers/wall hangings
Dusty Rose Quilt:  Currently in 4-patch and 2-patch segments, needs some love
Dot Explosion Quilt This needs some reworking in concept.
Hello Sunshine Crib Quilt:   I was laying out squares when I realized some went missing.  I need to cut missing squares, then assemble, sandwich, stitch and bind.
I'll Fly Away Quilt:  Pieces cut but this one is a long time project.  Since I am planning for this to fit our bed there with be many, many flying geese that needs to be made; I am guessing this one will take 3 months in among all the other projects.  
Martinique Strip Quilt:  A festering WIP, one of my oldest needs lots of focus
Poppy Wall Hanging:  a small bit of progression, trying to figure out stems & leaves
Rainbow Stars:  This block is complete, 3 more are in progress, might use in a mixed quilt
Red Eye Quilt:  Making adjustment to top, then needs to be sandwiched & Finished
Squares & Patches Quilt:  Some blocks are squared up, more to do during movie day maybe
Soaked Crib Quilt:  Top is complete, quilt is sandwiched   Still need to: stitch, bind and sew on info batch on the back.  I am waiting on Hello Sunshine Quilt so I can stitch them at the same time.
Summer Games Table Runner:  the quilt idea just wasn't working so I turned this into a table runner
Z's Christmas Dress:  Fabric cut with a different pattern, but having a few troubles
Z's Christmas Nightgown:  Pattern is cut out, fabric and trim rounded up, just no progression

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  1. Good luck with getting the dress sorted. I'm sure she'll look fab whatever you decide : Merry Christmas!


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