Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Game is A Foot!

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Stockings:  The Unstuffed Truth

So this is one of those rare times that I can write about something that is a gift right after I make it.  Mostly because Brother One (keep it zipped, Two & Three, if you are reading this) does not have the internet.  He never got addicted when I was young(er) to it like I did, lol!  I had the packages ready with my customary gift for our Mother and....errr other stuff.  Before I could do the early send off--which is very rare for me, I am a distracted mailer--Brother One asked me to make him and his family stockings instead of gifts.  I already had my niece's gifts made, so those will go into the box as planned. [I am sending her belated First Birthday present as well]

A Blue Plaid flannel material Mother gave me 6 yards of 6 years ago !
Brother One  is a "salt of the Earth" kind of guy and as a former Marine (meh, I know you say there is no such thing, but he is not currently serving) he is also so non-frills.  And although I have talked on the phone quite a bit with Brother One's wife, since we have never met in person, I am not sure what kind of gal she is so I was at a loss there.  I figure I can make up for it by making something semi-frill for next year (Brother One will just have to cave if I will get Mother on my side).

Inside out:  Each Stocking is fully lined, i did a quick side stitch to seal the turning portal!
I didn't have time to go searching for a sock pattern so I just drew one out and after a couple of tweaks it is what I used.  I made 3 Stockings with Brother One, His Wife (how does "Brother One Wife" sound?) and His child's (Brother One Child Three*? Or B1C3, lol) first letter.  I also included a fourth blank stocking if they ever decide to procreate again.   Should I make one for the Dog?  Maybe a mini-stocking?

Now I bet Brother Two and Brother Three are wondering what Shanta** Claus got them!  Ha Ha Ha!  They will have to wait until Our Mother receives the package and then gives them their gifts!  Okay, Now I must be off to do more projects so my WIP list will look awesomely short on Wednesday (I am skipping the UFO Sunday to allow for more finishes) and I will have more free bobbins to use in my FMQ of those two crib quilts.  I am also pushing off on declaring what fabric I got for Christmas so my finished projects will hopefully swell my fabric usage count.  Oh, I will share pictures on Tuesday of my final Stash Report, Hubby was very good to me (or bad if you think I already own too much fabric).  So now I am off and I will (hopefully) see you tomorrow.

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*Brother One has lost 2 breathing children thus the child three reference
**A derivative of my name Plus Santa


  1. The stockings look awesome!!

  2. I think they will enjoy the stockings. I am still trying to figure out how one lives without internet these days!!!

  3. Cute stockings! You did a great job! Whoop whoop!!


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