Thursday, February 20, 2014

Really Random Thursday--EVE Online

I have to admit I have been wanting to write this post for a couple weeks now for RRT, but I have been bogged down with a million obligations, plus several things I have volunteered to be a part of, plus Miss Z projectile vomit days at the beginning of this week.  Well some of you might remember of my writing about Eve Online once or twice during this blog's existence.  It's an MMORPG, a Space computer game that happens in real time on the internet with players from around the world.  I have to admit there are some weeks I spend more time in the Eve universe than I do sewing, in part because my husband also plays the game.  Last year we both took part in the largest battle of Eve History with more than 4000 individual accounts taking part in the one system with more people spread out in the connecting systems (More on the battle of 6VDT Here).

A Couple of weeks ago, a battle happened in Eve Online that lasted for about 21 real time hours.  I was not at this battle, but a couple of my friends were, one of which said he literally sat there for 17 straight hours fighting in his pixelated spaceship. In the aftermath, all across the world, everyone was stunned to find out that the total loss from that one battle in real money equivalence was over $330,000 USD.  That could certainly buy a lot of fabric or a couple of houses!  

I have found some videos, pictures and links for those who want to see more about the battle of B-R5RB.

1.  The Stats of the game explained
2.  Footage from the Titanic Struggle of B-R 
3.  A Blog about Eve, the battle, & so much more
4.  The AP article on the event-@ CBS

What my character looks like in Eve

I could keep going on and on for hours about the game...but I will put away my geek hat for the rest of the day as I am hoping to get a skirt completed for a banquet that we are attending tonight..Yeah I am about 30 minutes into it; looking pretty good!  Well I better get back to work!

*\0/* Cheers
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  1. Well that is random! I wonder if those battles are the reason my internet connection has been dodgy?! I like that your character has time for lip gloss not just fighting!

  2. I have a geeky side to me too. And I could see myself playing this game, especially if my husband or a friend was into it. As it is, my husband and I regularly join our friend online to play A Game of Thrones (LCG). We've spent hours on this game and have thoroughly enjoyed each others company in the process. We always have a good laugh later at how competitive we can get.


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