Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back To Work

I disappeared from blogging for the past month; it wasn't a conscious thing for I had no plans to go anywhere. As it happens to all us in life, things come up that grabbed one's focus, it just was diverted more fully than I realized. I have been working on projects here and there, but I got to the point where I really needed to obtain more fabric to continue.

Some of you will look at my fabric stash and wonder how that could of happen with such the collection I already have? <laughter> there alot of smaller pieces on hand, and now I was ready to order the bigger pieces plus the backing fabrics for 3 quilts. I put my order in a week or so ago and received the box on Tuesday. I picked up yesterday and tried to get back into working. Instead of my usual joy I was like a kid who had come back to school after a summer break.  

My mind was a trillion miles away in space, yes a reference to the online video game I play! I know it seems strange to many of you how much that Internet space world means to me, but just like I have found friends among many of you who have followed me through out the years, I have found a kinship among my space pilot friends too. :-)

You will see more of me than you have in the last month, but gone are the days of posting on a schedule! There really is no need and though I have specific work that has deadlines,  the rest was always intended to be for my enjoyment. I have a couple projects I need to complete before the weekend,  but I will snap pictures so you can see.  If you look above you can see what my work area looked like about 15 minutes ago!

Thank you all, my dear friends!
*\0/* cheers 


  1. I love all those fabrics on the shelf. Just wonderful!

  2. Your work area looks so tidy!!!! I was wondering where you have been. My next month is going to be similar to your past month.


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