Thursday, April 17, 2014

RRT: What's in a Name?

Have you ever wondered who owns or makes the products you buy at the store?  I was surprised by how many rival products were owned by the same company.  It doesn't show up here but what used to surprise me was that Starbucks owns its rivals Seattle's Best & the Teavana Stores, but that is a subject for another day!

For those of you that are my regular readers, you might remember that my name is "Shanna." Recently I entered my name into a website that does a historical name Analysis.  I had to laugh at the graphs that showed up for my name.  Among them is a graph that shows the peak of the popularity of when children were named "Shanna" at birth.  You may notice that is there is not a large range as perhaps the name "Mary" would be if you looked it up on the site HERE.  That is because I happen to be named after a romance novel my mother found in the waiting room; the book was published in 1977.  (I don't recommend if if you are curious! ;-D)

Have you ever done a Google search on your name before?  My favorite thing to come up was a comic book!  I mean that is totally me, right?!

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  1. Ha--this is awesome! I have read a couple of Kathleen Woodiwiss books (of course, in the '70s), but not this one. I'll have to do a search on my name...

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