Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Z Moments: Mother Sometimes Knows Best!

This morning was a tough one, a little hand waking me up at about 3 o'clock in the darkness. Someone wanted to snuggle up between my husband and I; they were not being very gentle or quiet about it either.  Mr. Sparrow was completely out, taking up a good portion of the bed, I knew that there just wouldn't be a comfortable spot for my little Sparrow, but she insisted!

She flipped.
She flopped. 
She rolled and sprawled, trying to find the perfect sleeping spot.

Little sparrow was grumpy a couple hours later when I finally convinced her that her bed was the perfect location she was seeking.  When the Sun was shiny, awake, and clamoring for its position in the sky, the little sparrow awoke, bouncing with more energy than a person ought to have for such a sleepless night.  An early nap, I told her would definitely be in store..

" No mommy, I don't need to rest!" she declared in her mighty voice.

"Just sit here a moment in this chair with your covers, your pillow, your favorite drink.  Can you do that for me?"  I asked in my most calm voice.

"Yes...but I will not rest!" She declared once more.  I turned away to load the dishwasher, hoping she had stayed put, I turned back to see this a few minutes later:

A little more than two hours later this:

Sometimes, a Mother does know best!

*\o/* Cheers

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  1. ah, but did you get a nap too?

    I've been there...and left my daughter with my husband while I moved to her bed.


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