Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This project has been my leaders and enders for months and its really taking shape!  The best part is that I went with a cool colorway so I can keep adding blocks over time from left over fabrics I think might go along with the colors.  Yes I did start out using a bit of fabric from a Kate Spain FQ pack, goodness I can't remember which one, but then came a tad bit of connecting threads and hopefully other fabrics over time.

I augmented my blocks from the pattern to the right.  My blocks are quite a bit smaller as my original plan had been to make a table runner, but I like the idea of having an on-going project, adding blocks over time.  I even contemplated thinking of it as a bread starter where I would just keep making blocks of all colors and break off a certain number to make a quilt from it, but I like keeping them all in the cool colorway now.

*\o/* Cheers


  1. It is a great leader and ender project! I cannot wait to see it take shape!

  2. That is such a fabulous idea. Love it!


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