Saturday, November 29, 2014

Z Moments: Barbie Girl

Z: Mommy! Help!
M:  What's wrong?!!
Z:  I need help
M:  What can I help you with?
Z: Panties!
M:  What?
Z:  Barbies need panties. <pause> Ladies always need panties on...and helmets!

Ziona has recently found my little collection of Barbies and has claimed them as her own.  She is happily playing in her room while I am sewing.  A friend of mine was shocked I would let my daughter play with such things. My opinion is that Barbies are just dolls, they never made me feel inferior about myself, people did that, and I let them.  Barbies took me on adventures (with GI Joe, he always tagged along too) and helped me to think creatively.  I do think though she already has the right idea on the panties!

*\o/* Cheers

Friday, November 28, 2014

And So It Begins!

It is that time of year where the streets are filled with cars off to do their Black Friday shopping, it is a big city afterall.  Instead of rushing off to the sales, I am planning to hit Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt at a run this year!  I WILL GET IT DONE!  Every Friday there will be a clue, every Monday there will be a link up party.  I have taken part two other years and those quilts are not done. However, I do have the Christmas On Easy Street spray basted, it just needs some top stitching and binding!  My hope is that I will be able to work that in before the end of the mystery.  How about you?  Have you checked it out yet?  Just take a  little peek HERE, if you haven't experienced one of Bonnie's Mysteries before you are in for a treat as the community is absolutely wonderful!

*\o/* Cheers

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIP: Pretty In Pink

This lovely quilt started out as practice blocks for one of my BOM's,  It's set in a simple 9-block with sashing in between.  I am thinking of top stitching it in a meandering flower design.  I better get to work on it!

*\o/* Cheers

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Z Moments: Wake-up Call

A bright light hits my sleeping eyes..
"Mommy, wake up! It's sunny!"  a little voice calls out.  I carefully open my eyes to spot Ziona holding my cell phone in my face, the clock reading 6am

"No my darling girl it is not sunny, please go back to bed.." I beg.
"I keep the phone!" she declares as she snuggles into the covers next to me.  A few minutes later I realized that she has unlocked my phone, found the Netflix ap, changed profiles and has started her favorite show.  Not bad for 2.5 years old.

If only her feet could reach the sewing pedal we could get her sewing!  She is already letting me know that she would like the pink hello kitty machine we saw at Target...I love my girl!  We are going to be setting up a design wall of her very own very soon so that she can lay out scraps, play with them and I can sew them together into blocks.  From there we will be making some items for her dollies.

*\o/* Cheers

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP: Modern Triangles

Last night I pulled my cutting table to the porch and got this beauty spray basted!  Sunday and Monday I worked on cutting it down to a baby quilt size. I originally put equally sized Orange strips on the outside, but I much prefer the off-set.  I am making this one to sell; it has been my hope to open a little Etsy shop with various hand-made things with my friend.  This year we will get it up and running, even if its just a few items at a time.  I thought we needed to have a pile of things before we could open one up, but we are just going to take it slow, we can each add what we make.  But most of all, I just don't want us to be stressed out about it.

I need to get back to the top-stitching on this one so I can take it with me to a retreat this weekend where I can do the hand-sewing of the binding!

*\o/* Cheers

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This project has been my leaders and enders for months and its really taking shape!  The best part is that I went with a cool colorway so I can keep adding blocks over time from left over fabrics I think might go along with the colors.  Yes I did start out using a bit of fabric from a Kate Spain FQ pack, goodness I can't remember which one, but then came a tad bit of connecting threads and hopefully other fabrics over time.

I augmented my blocks from the pattern to the right.  My blocks are quite a bit smaller as my original plan had been to make a table runner, but I like the idea of having an on-going project, adding blocks over time.  I even contemplated thinking of it as a bread starter where I would just keep making blocks of all colors and break off a certain number to make a quilt from it, but I like keeping them all in the cool colorway now.

*\o/* Cheers