Saturday, January 3, 2015

Z Moments: I Feel Better..So Much Better now...

I have been sick for about a month...before you ask it's allergy related and no there is nothing that can be done except to move out of Texas!  I have no done nearly the amount of sewing as I had hoped in the month of December.  Although I did get in on a couple super secret (I can't tell you or I am in trouble) pattern testings in the last week which I will share as soon as I am allowed.  

Thankfully I had the best doctor at my side through my ordeal; she gladly patted my hand and took my temperature on my forehead as often as I would allow it.  Dr. Ziona also took full advantaged of my weakened state to slip in an extra few episodes of Doc McStuffins as often as I would allow!  Above, you can see my cheesey grinning Doctor waiting for me to finish taking pictures so she can give me another "check-up"  I am trying to hold on to as many memories as I can before she is all grown up!

I am back to work ironing and folding fabric during my yearly organization!  I pulled more fabrics out of storage and picked a few up over Black Friday, Cyber Mondays and New year's Sales that are getting folded into the queue! I will show you tomorrow!

*\o/* Cheers


  1. glad you are feeling better .. must be all the love and attention you received xx

  2. I feel your pain -- I've been sick with sinus infections more often than not for about the last 2 and a half months (I am currently on number 4). My doctors won't tell me why I keep getting them or how to go about preventive medicine but they are sure quick with the antibiotics and outrageous copay each time I have to go in. Hope you get some relief soon it looks like your in good hands.

  3. It looks like you are in great hands. Glad you are feeling better.


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