Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 Instagram Swaps: The Sew Yummy Swap

Sew Yummy Swap was one of those swaps I almost forgot about since I signed up last September in amongst the thrill of joining my first swap.  I have to admit when I got my two partners I was at a loss on how to make something for them because their information they turned in was so specific and I did not use fabric from any of their favorite designers.  I made a trip to the local Quilt Store and these are the fabrics I walked away from there with.

For partner 1, I made a simple and slightly frilly apron to go with her love of Orange and bright colors.  I guessed her to be about a size 8/10 (from her instagram) to made it to wraparound her.

For partner 2, I knew she had a love of Kasette fabrics and seemed to like the green/purple color combo so I sewed a couple dinner napkins and knitted a couple of kitchen washrags.  My hope was that my partners loved their items.
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