Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 3: 4-year project finished!

I had another project in the making and in typical "shanna" fashion I found another project to finish instead! I finished this quilt a couple of days ago, but we are having a nice visit with my husband's parents (FIL is holding up the quilt for me in the picture). I have been trying to sort my scraps, fabrics, and well my stuff when I cam across a score of unfinished projects hidden in deep dark places. Now this quilt is a rough finished size of 45"x60" and I say rough because this quilt is a testament to my imperfections. I started this project in September/October of 2007 when Juneau got its first WM and to my delight they had "Veggietales" Fabric for only 50 cents a yard; in fact, I also bought the faded red and yellow prints for the same price.

I had originally decided to make this quilt for my future children which would make the tub of Veggietales themed items I have collected over the years (ie. Book club collection, mr. Larry head dress-up toy, stuffed figures etc). I have literally added something to this quilt every year to make it bigger and bigger. This time when I saw the quilt top tucked away, I was determined to finally finish it. I added the green sashing on the out side edge to bring it to the full crib quilt size minus an inch or twoish. After a round of spray basting, the quilt was sandwiched with a warm and natural cotton batting in the middle and a apple red cotton for the back/binding. The squares were quilted in the ditch in the middle and a meander stitch for the stripes and sashing. In some ways, though I was slightly ashamed of how badly this was put together, it is an encouragement of how far I have come in the past 4 years. Needless to say, although I plan to keep this blanket, I may go with another decorating theme if we ever do have children!

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