Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revisited: Quilts for Twin boys

As I am working on deleting my project pictures from facebook, I am revisiting each project for my blog. Most of these quilts have been done in the last 9 months, because before that almost all the baby quilts I made were simple square patch quilts sewn together and donated to various places or causes. After a great discussion with my friend "K", I decided to take the chance to make a blanket for "D", another friend of mine who was to have a baby.

For years I had been collecting quilting magazines and books, but in all honesty I was afraid to make the change over to actual patterns. "K" helped me find a pattern that would be easy to make with the flannel fabric we found on sale at JAF. When I found out "D" was going to have twin boys, I decided to make them each their own blanket using the same fabrics, but change the way the fabrics were used. I made nine patches and half-triangle squares and alternated them. I did the "stitch in the ditch" method in the middle making one look like squares, and the second quilt look like diamonds. In the sashing I made a random stitch that I was trying to make look like the path of the flying bugs in one of the prints; I now know this is sometimes referred to as a "free-style" stitching. On the front in the corners I made little tags that had each child's full name stitched (I have not included these pictures for privacy reasons).

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