Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quilting Confession Is Good For The Soul!

Recently I came across a badge on the side bar of another quilting site.  I cannot tell you which one exactly because I was in my indulging time of clicking randomly from one site to another based upon the links or stories on those blogs.  I like to plan for a hour of random clicking twice a week.  I have come across some silly things, wonderful project ideas and some of my favorite blogs for return visits.  This time however I found the side bar badge which brought me to Rossie Blog where she wrote an article on The Process Pledge and now you can see I have made the pledge as well (and put a badge on my side bar as well).  I don't know how many times I have been surfing the web when I first started quilting, wondering how I was ever going to understand how these ladies (and guys quilt too!) make these wonderful projects.  I had so much more inspiration than abilities in the beginning.

Now I definitely believe that people should give credit when they use a tutorial from another designer, but I have found it amazing how many people unrelated/unconnected can really come up with the same ideas!  My favorite sites are the ones that share knowledge.  So, it is my hope that I can blog more honestly about my quilting processes, my feelings, even my frustrations.  One friend told me that she likes my quilts, but she could never do anything complicated like them.  I realized that I had failed to share the process, to her I had made it look like it was easy for me, so when she tried something it was complicated and frustrating.  She was discouraged to try more.  I hope through being more honest in my blogging she will be inspired to give things a try; hey I have lots of failures, and I will show when those can happen on a project.

And speaking of confessions, I have to tell you that I did the unthinkable, I bought more fabric.  I took some babysitting money to the new Super Walmart that opened up about 7-15 minutes from me (depending on traffic) and bought some of the "Creative Cuts" pre-cut fabrics.  I have been curious how they compare to the designer fabrics I usually buy.  When I saw these prints, it was just too much to resist because I have been wanting to do a black and yellow quilt that won't look too much like a bubble bee!  I will be posting tomorrow to tell you about my WIP for the week.  I am using the new fabric as an incentive to finish all my other projects I am in the middle of currently, and then the cutting will begin!

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