Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finishes 17: "I've Been Working on the Railroad..."

Close-up of pinwheel blocks

It'ss getting late and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get this post up before the day ends!  I wish I could say it is because I was busy sewing or cuddling, but instead, I got distracted by watching TV shows on the computer.  Well on to my bit in tonight's show.  I was only able to get one quilt top completed with a matching square for the signature block on the back!  

The quilt top without the yellow border

The quilt top with the yellow border

Close-up of the pinwheel blocks next to the yellow border.

Brown striped fabric along with the signature block for the back.

The upper half of my face.
You will be seeing a lot more quilt tops completed over the summer months.  However it may be a while until I can show you completed quilts (with stuffing, quilting and binding).  My machine is quite weary and cannot handle much more than piecing so hopefully the tops can be counted as finishes for Fridays until I can get a new machine that can handle quilting with me.  It does great with piecing until we get to the part where I want to quilt stitch the top!  Then there is problems with the bobbin, tension, needles, the I think this is best for now.  I think I have made up my mind to use a dark purple print for the border on the newest of my Jacob's Ladder quilts (See Post from Monday). What do you think?  Should I go with another color?

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  1. Your back is going to be so cute. I love how the pinwheels really pop out on the front. Nice choice of contrasting colors. Thanks for sharing

  2. Looking good - my finishes are often only tops too! (BTW, I came in from TGIFF where I have a finish-of-sorts)

  3. What a clever idea to use the brown striped fabric on the diagonal. It gives it a great pop! Glad you linked in in time, Shanna!

  4. lovely pinwheels! I hope you are able to find a replacement machine soon


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