Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finishes-2012-W16: "I'm Elmo And I Know It..."

So It has been a month since I last blogged...and I haven't really finished, well, anything to be honest.  For those visiting from SEW WE QUILT looking for my Project in the Table Topper Blog Hop, please return on Wednesday when I shall have it posted!  Mdm Samm was gracious to allow me to be added to the last day since I forgot to set my post up!

So What have I been doing?
My Husband and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with a nice dinner at Jack In The Box! (Although that is what we did on the date, I am just being cheeky, H did take me out to a wonderful supper a week later). Our baby girl, Ziona,  just turned 2 months old and she is such a delight to be with!  But otherwise I have been in a bit of a blur going from day to day, never really sure what the date or day of the week might be!  That is the one thing I could definitely count on when I was regularly blogging:  a nice, beautiful schedule to follow.  I would actually plan out my projects and posts for the whole month, setting goals because I felt like I had bloggie friends who kind of kept me accountable.  Please don't expect things to settle in until some time June because we are moving over Memorial Day Weekend.  I have so many plans for the rest of the summer and fall; so much I want to do and accomplish!

My SIL, MIL, Husband, FIL and myself, at our Wedding April 10, 2004!

Consequently, we are going to be doing a lot of packing over the next 4 weeks.  My craft room has been given over to Ziona over the past 2 months, and although she does share the space with my fabric still, I have been relocated to our living room (I have to tip toe into her room like Elmer Fud to grab items during nap time).  Up until this past week I have pretty much worked on one project and then a bit of mending.  This week I decided not to nap during the afternoon nap but work on something else.  I am afraid to tell you that even with my long list of projects I couldn't help myself, I started a couple more quilt tops!

Double Pinwheels Quilt-
Although I have a pile of blocks and plastic project bags spread across  my working area, this is the quilt top I am hoping to get finished this weekend.  I put this block together by accident (although I am sure someone has it floating around the interweb in their own form) I was playing around with pre-cuts and this is what resulted.  I had to move away from my Cowboy Table Topper after the disastrous mistakes I made in its assembly I need a little more time to regroup!  I can show you some pictures of that fiasco next week!

And now I am going to leave you with a slice of my new position as a mother, a song that runs in my head every day since my husband shared it with me!  Okay, I am off to share Finding Nemo with Ziona for the first time...


  1. she is growing so well, good luck with the move xx

  2. Awww....aren't you having fun? Enjoy the times as they do grow up much too quickly. Have fun packing!


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