Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're Not Robots: Word Verification

Twice every year, Sew Mama Sew, does an amazing job posting hundreds of blogs for Give-Away-Day.  Last Spring it was my first time ever entering into the frey.  I was flat on my back with meningitis, not able to move, so the 3 day obsession to enter as many blog contests as I could kept my mind off things.  This December however it was my first time giving something away.  Between being 8 months pregnant and trying to manage my own blog comments, I could barely enter into contests because of word verifications (WV)!  On the second day I started skipping all those blogs that had them.  It wasn't worth winning if I had to spend 10 minutes per blog trying to read the nasty words.  I hate WV's with a passion, so when I was messaged to let me know that I had it on my own site I tried to find out how to end it.

Recently, as I got back into blogging and stalking my old favorite sites, I saw Lucy's post (and her fantastic button) and I am proud to say that they have been removed from my blog now!  Hopefully, it will make things go smoother for my giveaway this spring and I hope that you will consider taking them off your own blog!  Click on the button and it will take you to directions on how that can be done.  If you encounter a blog site that still uses WV's, ask them nicely to consider removing them.  Thank you again Lucy (From Charm About You)!


  1. They are utterly frustrating. Like you, I will often pass up leaving comments on blogs with it still in place - especially the new WV duo.

  2. I agree that the WV is annoying. I don't pass blogs up when they have it...if it's blogger. But, there are other wordpress websites that are even worse!...if that's possible =(

    I'm glad you found out how to take it off =)


  3. Thanks for joining the cause!! I agree with annie, I've seen some shocking ones recently!


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