Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finishes 26: The Yellow Brick Road

Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday (TGIFF)!
Thank you for all those who stopped over to link up and to just browse through everyone's finishes for the week.  If you haven't yet participated, please consider doing so!  Its a rather encouraging group to be a part of and I look forward to looking at all those linking up today!

Lately I have been going through so many transitions that I just want to reach my new "normal" and that is what I set out to do this week.  Having just moved into a new apartment, most of my quilting and craft items are still packed away.  I have this long list of new items that I want to get accomplished but I am trying so hard not to be tempted while I still have unfinished projects calling out from the depths of Baby Girl's closet.

This week I chose to tackle these two quilt tops that have been tucked away since December 2011.

My 2 Brick Path Quilt tops as they were December 2011

How did I come to choose these two items?  Well, to be honest they were the first projects I found in the first craft box I opened after I got my boxes of tools unpacked and settled!  I love the colour combination on these two quilts so much that I decided to completely change Ziona's bedroom decorations to these colours. I don't have enough prints to do what I want to do so her quilt will have to wait a little bit longer while I trade fabric with friends!

The Back of Brick Pathways Quilt #1

I really debated with myself on which FMQ stitch I was going to try out for this quilt, but as soon as I saw the yellow fabric with the little white flowers I had to use my favorite flower stitch I randomly came up with last year.  I have a very short list of stitches I am able to do right now; I still wish I could have participated in several of the FMQ-alongs that have been going on the past 6 months.  Thankfully the web keeps a copy of the posts so I really can join at any time!

A close-up of the FMQ Flower stitching

Now as you can see as of this post on Thursday (posting early due to International Linkers) I was only able to complete the back, stitching and adding the binding on Quilt #1.  I plan to work on Quilt #2 tonight.  If I get it completed I will post pictures and link up as well!  I am hoping to post pictures the final products on Monday next week; we are purchasing a clothes line to put on our porch which I think I might be able to use to get a full shot of the quilts!

Ready For Saturday Night Movie/hand-sewing

Last, but not least, my favorite item to share for the week is that after 2 rounds of vaccines, a pediatrics doctor visit and a nutritionist visit, Ziona has been encouraged to add cereal, fruit, and veggies to her diet!  She is not quite sure that she wants to partake so we have reverted to the bottle while planning to slowly thicken it with cereal until she gets used to the idea.  Thank you for joining me today!  Please link up your finishes below; I will keep it open until Tuesday night (American Time Zone) just in time for you to look forward to WIP Wednesdays at several blog locations.

Daddy Feeds Ziona her first bite of cereal with bananas.
 Be sure to check out next week's TGIFF hosted by Laura @ Quokka Quilts!

Lilac Lane LLC--Use by Permission
A Year of Making Life Beautiful
I was so excited to receive my copy of Melissa's new book in the mail a few days ago.  I pretty much want to make every item in the book!  Would anyone be interested in doing a blog-a-long going through this book month by month?  I could put up a link party perhaps at the end of  each month.  If you are up for it, please give me some way to contact you! You can check out the book HERE. Look for a giveaway soon!


  1. The flower quilting is just perfect with the fabrics and quilt. You did a really nice job on it. I hope you get a chance to finish its twin soon.

    So she didn't like the idea of her food coming from a spoon???? She'll get used to it quickly.

    Isn't Melissa's book pretty? It would be fun to go month by month in it.

  2. Those are some beautiful quilts! Ziona is a lucky girl to be getting such a pretty color combo for her room!

  3. What beautiful quilts! I love your FMQ flowers! Great job! I too wanted to participate in some of the FMQQALs going on right now, but I have too much on my plate as it is and I don't need more unnecessary stress. Because even though it's just me, I would pressure myself to try and keep up!

    Your little one is so cute! She will take to food soon enough. My LO took forever to eat cereal and when she did it was time to introduce fruits and veggies so we were back at square one with her eating. We mixed the fruits/veggies into the cereal for a while and now she is eating like a champ, no longer needs them mixed. She loves the Gerber yogurt, squash and sweet potatoes the best. Good luck!

  4. Funnily enough I was just cutting some 5" squares out of yellow and black fabric thinking I should use it more often. Your quilts are lovely! Those FMQ flowers are fantastic! I need to work on progressing my FMQ beyond stippling...

    I can't help myself but to chime in on the introduction of food :) My youngest is fantastic with food (she is 22 months now), chews everything and has for quite awhile. Spits it ALL back out again. Well, maybe not the cookies that she has with her brothers... I just remind myself that they get there in the end :) Good luck with it and enjoy all those wonderful new food faces! :)

  5. So pretty! The only FMQ I've done so far is basic stippling - your flowers are great!

  6. Lovely quilts! I love the FMQ on them - just gorgeous.

  7. The flower quilting pattern is a perfect choice for your quilts!
    I, too, *love* having hand work to do while I am movie watching! Makes me scratch my head why so many stitch their binding on by machine... What do they do when they watch TV???

  8. I love the flower quilting, Shanna! Great palette of colours too! Thanks for hosting TGIFF! :)

  9. Wow your flower fmq is awesome! I'm not brave enough to do that level of fmq yet - one day. And I love how you used a dark thread - I'm also not yet brave enough to do that!! You've inspired me!


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