Friday, June 29, 2012

One hundred and one

Welcome to my 101st Blog posting!  
When I started writing this blog last year, I did it as a challenge from my friend's blog.  I have  always wanted to be a writer, I have even taken classes, and yet I was always too scared to try.  Once my words were released into the world I was afraid they might do more harm than good.  One of the points that my friend made about writing is that one should start out writing about something they enjoy.  .  

Why do I write?
Last year I had more time on my hands than ever before in my life while I was recovering from meningitis.  My condition made it impossible for me to return to work, but I could sit up for 20 minute stretches every few hours or so, that is of course when I was actually awake.  If you have ever met me in person you would know that I like to be constantly doing something; I used to be described as "always in motion" but I am rather calm compared to my previous whirlwind existence! Quilting really helped me have that thing to do that saved me from idleness.  Once I actually started joining communities and leaving a few comments or two, my whole world opened up!  Plus I enjoy fabric..

How do I think blogging has changed me?
One little-known fact about me that always surprises people is that I am painfully shy and people intimidate me, often overwhelming me.  I have to work really hard to talk to people face-to-face.  I used to enjoy being busy as a way to stay in the same room as people without having to really talk or interact.  With blogging I have found wonderful people who I would truly consider a friend even though we might never meet face to face!  One of the aspects that has changed about me since I started blogging is that I  am more organized and better at planning out my projects.  I like the idea of feeling like I have accountability for what I am doing.  Now, would someone send me an email letting me have it cause I haven't been working on projects this spring?  No, but I receive wonderful emails asking after me and my baby, encouraging me, uplifting my spirits when I felt at my worst. And I am a better person for it...

Tell me please, why do you blog and/or write? 

I wish I had something to give away here, perhaps I can find something for next month for my day in the blog hop!

Speaking of bog hops, be sure to check out the Red, White & Blue Blocks that will be making their rounds on the blog-o-sphere Start July 1 and running through July 16th.  I will have all the party links here as well, but for all the info and to see what other blog hops are in the offering check out SEW WE QUILT!


  1. Congratulations on 101! I blog as a means to share my passion for quilting with others. I am really enjoying meeting people all over the world who also share this love for creating with fabric. I have been blogging for 9 months now and I LOVE it!

  2. I started blogging because it's easier than emailing pics to my relatives. I have fun with it because I kinda get to know people through their quilts and comments. And it's nice having people who are into quilting to "talk" to about quilts.

  3. Congratulations on another milestone. I have never felt myself to be a writer, but I started my blog to share pictures and ideas with several friends.

  4. Yay! Congrats on your milestone :-D I just hit 101 blogs myself! I love it!


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