Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do First: July ("Real Life First...")

In online computer gaming we have a phrase you will hear alot, "Real Life First."  It means that no matter how much you would like to be there for an online mission op even if you have responsibility in your corporation (what they call the groups of people banded together in the particular online game I play) in the end you try your best while keeping the foundation of your family strong.  That is how I have felt about quilting lately.  I haven't gotten to do much sewing or crafting as we prepared our new place for an open house-warming party about 2 weeks after we moved in (yes, I am a crazy a little bit).

And then there is my baby girl, who truly is the most delightful part of my life right now.  In some ways, it has been easy for me to get into a groove of being a mother.  I have struggled with the fear and doubt if I am not successful though and in the past I have felt that way about quilting.  I wanted to always do my best work and yet those feelings pale in light of motherhood.  I don't really want to be a mother-blog because I have no advice nor do I want to share all my private failures to the world honestly, but it has changed how I approach quilting.  I already feel that I am now open to more risks and ideas than I have ever been before!  I have signed up for a couple Craftsy classes that I can't wait to tell you about!  I have bought some unique patterns I would like to review, and I have bought a book that I would love to incorporate into a craft-along (more about that in a later post).  These are just a few changes that you will come to see over the next 6 months and beyond.

Do First Lists and Links:
I am getting into the swing of my new schedule over the past couple of weeks and I think its going to work for baby girl and I.  My main goal for the month of July is to stay focused!  Between my work with Thirty-One Gifts, my care of Ziona, taking care of our household, online computer gaming, responsibilities at Church, and time volunteering at our Church School, it doesn't really feel that I have time to add quilting or crafting to such a life.  This is especially true if I also want to stay connected to my friends and family! 

Must Do:

1.  Make Post for Red, White & Blue Blog Hop

2.  Plan Projects for August

3.  Get one quilt completed for a Fundraiser

4.  Plan a Mystery Dinner party

Might Do:

1.  Family Tree Quilt

2.  Work on UFO's

3.  Plan and make Ziona's Quilt & decor

4.  Finish writing up a tutorial

What do you have planned for the month?  What do you want to finish or start?  Make your own list and link up for fun!  I have found that posting to WIP Wenesdays and TGIFF for my projects has kept me a bit accountable in the past when I was actively crafting and blogging.  I am trying to live up to the Process Pledge by showing more of my projects while they are in formation mode.  I love the input and I have been given fantastic ideas that I would not have thought of for a project and would have missed out on great learning opportunities had I not shown my projects unfinished and developing!

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