Saturday, July 14, 2012

Go...(The Finish-a-long)

I was excited to come across The 2012 Finish-a-long being Hosted by Quilter In The Gap.  I am excited to put a focus on specific projects for the next 3 month Quarter.  If you have a list of your own, please don't forget to link up your list and then your finished projects after that!  If you know a little about me, you will know that I can't seem to get my WIP list down to nothing.  I was messaging back and forth with a kindred spirit and I think we came upon the idea that we get bored.  Or perhaps also in my case, I get distracted.  Sometimes its a line of fabric or an idea that I cannot leave alone.
1.  4-patch & Squares Quilt #1
In the case of the 4-patch & Squares Quilts, I had left over 4-square blocks from making a Jacob's Ladder Quilt that I threw into a scrap box.  When I looked back upon them, they were laying nicely on that yellow print, which of course spurred the idea to throw something together! then I had to try to match it with that lovely aqua print that has a bit of yellow and dark pink in it.  Now I have two Quilts in the works, or perhaps I may combine them and make a large quilt.
2.  4-patch & Squares Quilt #2
3.  Red, White, & Blue Asterisk Quilt
I am having fun taking part in the Craftsy block of the month classes (check it out, this one is FREE).  I have started a couple quilts from just January's block alone!  I can't wait to show you my progress on these two Asterisk quilts.  Now there are several projects on this list you may have seen before, soem with progress, some are stagnant to be honest.

Here are the rest of my WIP's at the moment!

4.  Martinique Strip Quilt

5.  Scrappy Paperclip Quilt

6.  Summersault Quilt #1

7.  Summersault Quilt #2

8.  Scrappy Brick Pathway Quilt

9-11.  Ziona's Room & Quilt (Curtains, changing pad, decor & shelf covers)
12.  City Weekend Lil' Twister Quilt
13.  Scrappy Lil' Twister Quilt
14.  Wonky House Blocks & Trees Quilt

15.  Double-Pinwheel Quilt (Back is now complete, next to sandwich)

16.  Summer Games Quilt
17.  Blue/Green/Orange Chain Link Quilt

18.  Fruits of the Spirit 4-patch Quilt

19.  Mystery Blocks

20.  Blue/Black Churn Dash Quilt

21.  Jacob's Ladder Quilt #1

22.  Poppy Scrappy Quilt w/Fandango

Not Pictured:

23.  Cowboy Table Topper
24.  Summersault Asterisk Quilt (Post about this soon, using FNSI for this project)
25.  Jacob's Ladder Quilt #2
26.  Brick Pathway Quilt #2
27.  Paperclip Quilt
28.  Fundraiser Fish Quilt
29.  Great Grandmother's Quilt
30.  Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls

Well, Hopefully these will be complete before the quarter's finished!

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